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Preparing Your Child for Montessori: A Parent’s Guide

The decision to send your child to a Montessori school is important, and the transition from being at home to attending a Montessori school is a significant milestone for both you and your child. Our Montessori school programs run currently in Fremont, Danville, Dublin, and Milpitas. The Montessori method of education is known for its unique approach to fostering independence, creativity, and a love of learning in children. To help ease this transition, we’ll explore some valuable tips for parents and what to expect during the first few weeks of Montessori school.

Prepare Your Child Emotionally. Emotional readiness is crucial for a smooth transition. Start by discussing the upcoming change with your child. Explain why they’ll be going to school and the exciting experiences they will have. Encourage their curiosity and enthusiasm, reassuring them that school is a fun place to learn and make new friends.

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Familiarize Your Child with Montessori Principles. Montessori schools have a unique philosophy focusing on child-centered learning, freedom within limits, and mixed-age classrooms. Introducing your child to these principles before their first day is a good idea. You can read books or watch videos about Maria Montessori’s ideas, which will help your child understand the learning environment.

Tour the School Together. Before the first day of school, arrange a tour of the Montessori classroom with your child. This will help them become comfortable with the physical environment, the materials, and the teachers. You can also introduce your child to some of the other students to make them feel welcome.

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Establish Routines. Montessori schools emphasize independence, and it’s helpful for children to have a structured routine at home. Encourage your child to dress themselves, tidy up after activities, and take care of their personal belongings. These skills will make the transition to the Montessori classroom smoother.

Encourage Grace and Courtesy: Beyond academic development, Montessori education places a strong emphasis on cultivating grace and courtesy. Introduce your child to the values of respect, kindness, and consideration for others. Emphasize the importance of polite interactions and the joy that comes from being part of a supportive and respectful community. By instilling these social skills early on, your child will seamlessly integrate into the Montessori environment, fostering positive relationships with peers and teachers alike. Incorporating grace and courtesy into their daily routines at home will further nurture these essential qualities, contributing to a well-rounded and emotionally intelligent educational experience.

Build Confidence. In the Montessori environment, children are encouraged to make choices and decisions. Help your child build their confidence by letting them make age-appropriate choices at home, such as selecting their clothing or deciding what snacks to eat. This will prepare them for the independence they’ll experience at school.

Transitioning from home to a Montessori school can be an exciting journey for both parents and children. By preparing your child emotionally, introducing them to Montessori principles, and building their confidence and independence, you can help them adapt to this enriching learning environment. During the first few weeks, embrace the unique aspects of Montessori education, including mixed-age classrooms and individualized learning, and maintain open communication with your child’s teachers. With patience and support, your child is on their way to a fulfilling and transformative Montessori experience.

Montessori + STEM Experiments & How to Enhance Learning at Home

Montessori education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are powerful tools for nurturing children’s curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. When these two educational philosophies intersect, children experience a dynamic learning environment that ignites their passion for discovery. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of Montessori + STEM education and provide a collection of exciting at-home STEM activities to complement your child’s school experience. To learn more about our STEM curriculum, you can take a tour of any of our schools.

At-Home STEM Activities to Enhance the Montessori + STEM Experience

  1. Weather Watchers: Create a weather journal to record daily observations. Discuss temperature, humidity, and precipitation. Over time, your child will notice patterns and gain a deeper understanding of weather.
  2. Seed Growth Experiment: Plant seeds in different conditions – some with lots of water, some with minimal water, and some in different soil types. Observe and discuss how each condition affects seed growth.
  3. Simple Machines at Home: Explore simple machines using household objects. For example, construct a pulley system using a rope, a chair, and a bucket to learn about mechanical advantage.
  4. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Organize a nature scavenger hunt, encouraging your child to observe and collect different items from the natural world. Discuss the characteristics and functions of these objects.
  5. Invent with Recyclables: Provide your child with a collection of recyclable materials, and challenge them to invent a useful or creative item. Discuss the engineering principles involved.

Enhancing Montessori + STEM at HomeMontessori plus STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

  • Encourage your child’s questions and curiosity. Emphasize that it’s okay not to have all the answers – part of the STEM process is exploring the unknown.
  • Create a dedicated STEM workspace at home. This can be a corner of a room or a table stocked with supplies for experiments and projects.
  • Keep a science journal. Encourage your child to record their observations, hypotheses, and the results of their experiments.
  • Foster critical thinking by discussing everyday STEM-related challenges and problem-solving together.

Montessori + STEM at home creates an environment that extends your child’s learning beyond the classroom, fueling their passion for exploration, discovery, and problem-solving. These experiences help children build a strong foundation in STEM and develop skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.


Montessori Thanksgiving: Cultivating Gratitude and Togetherness

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together, reflect on their blessings, and create meaningful memories. At our Montessori school, we believe in fostering gratitude, independence, and togetherness among our young learners. In this blog, we’ll explore Montessori-inspired activities and ways in which parents can make Thanksgiving a meaningful and educational experience for their children.Celebrating Thankgiving in a Montessori preschool in Fremont, CA.

  1. DIY Thanksgiving Decorations. In the Montessori classroom, children learn the value of practical life activities. This Thanksgiving, engage your child in making DIY decorations. They can create paper turkeys, leaf garlands, or placemats. This not only hones their fine motor skills but also instills a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Cooking Together. Thanksgiving offers an ideal opportunity for parents and children to cook together. Invite your child to help with age-appropriate tasks, like washing vegetables, peeling potatoes, or mixing ingredients. Cooking fosters independence, practical life skills, and a love for food and nutrition.
  3. Nature Walks. In Montessori education, nature plays a crucial role in learning. Consider taking a nature walk as a family in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Collect leaves, pinecones, or acorns to incorporate into your decorations or crafts, all while fostering a deep connection to the natural world.
  4. Setting the Table. Teach your child how to set the Thanksgiving table with precision. This practical life skill includes arranging utensils, napkins, and dishes in an organized and beautiful manner. It instills a sense of responsibility and order.
  5. Montessori Grace and Courtesy. In Montessori, children are taught the importance of grace and courtesy. Use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to teach your child about being polite and expressing gratitude. Encourage them to say “please” and “thank you” and to express their thanks for the meal.

Thanksgiving in a Montessori spirit is all about fostering gratitude, independence, and togetherness. By engaging your child in these Montessori-inspired activities, you can create a Thanksgiving experience that aligns with the principles of Montessori education, all while building precious family memories and instilling values that will last a lifetime. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Power of Play-Based Preschools: Fostering Joyful Learning and Growth

Choosing the right preschool for your child is a monumental decision. It’s about more than just academics; it’s about nurturing a love for learning, fostering creativity, and providing an environment where your child can thrive. Our play-based preschool is designed to do just that.

We believe that learning should be an adventure, not a chore. Play is the secret ingredient that sparks curiosity and ignites a passion for exploration. Through hands-on activities and child-initiated play, we inspire children to embrace learning as a joyful journey of discovery.

Fostering Creativity and Imagination: Creativity knows no bounds in our play-based environment. From arts and crafts to imaginative role-play, children are encouraged to express themselves freely. By providing them with the tools and space to unleash their imagination, we help them develop the essential skill of thinking outside the box.

Building Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence: Play is a natural way for children to interact, communicate, and form friendships. In our play-based preschool, your child will learn valuable social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperating with others. They’ll also explore emotions and develop the emotional intelligence needed to navigate the complexities of human interactions.

A Solid Foundation for Academic Success: Play-based learning isn’t just fun; it’s also highly effective. Research shows that children engaged in play-based environments develop strong problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and a solid foundation for future academic achievements. Our preschool prepares children not just for school, but for a lifetime of successful learning.

Choosing a play-based preschool is a decision that sets the tone for your child’s educational journey. Our play-based approach is more than just a method; it’s a philosophy that embraces the power of play as a transformative force. With us, your child will embark on a magical adventure, where learning is joyful, creativity is celebrated, and growth is boundless. Join us in creating a foundation of curiosity, resilience, and joy that will shape your child’s future in the most extraordinary way. Discover the enchantment of our play-based preschool today by taking a tour of our sought-after Pleasant Hill Campus.


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