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Dublin Montessori: Preschool, Daycare & Childcare

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This spacious and state of the art campus is open to children ages 2 to 6 years of age offers a year-round Montessori preschool program. For this reason, we are considered one of the best preschools in Dublin, California, in general and, of course, with respect to the Montessori method, in particular. This campus offers 5 beautiful classrooms filled with sequenced and high quality Montessori material which allows for endless learning opportunities. This campus was designed with ample amount of space in mind, so that children can freely move around and explore all the Montessori material. Extended windows in each Montessori preschool classroom provide a myriad of natural light to enhance the academic and developmental environment. The playground near the back of the school is fully gated and offers a safe environment for children to play and learn.


Dublin CA Preschool

The Dublin Preschool Program uses the Montessori method and provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere, allowing for a child’s freedom of movement and learning directed by a child’s interest. The attractive material in the classrooms allows the children to explore the world through their senses, through touch and motion, and by engaging with others in the classroom. One main focus of Montessori education (at all levels – preschool, daycare, childcare, and kindergarten) is its hands on approach to learning. Because your child is unique, our program is uniquely designed where children experience play, interaction, exploration, and growth.

For our Dublin Kindergarten Program we strive to support not only academic development, but our Kindergarten children learn to balance freedom and responsibility. Learning this balance is a big part of the child’s experience in Kindergarten program.  It is our goal to support the ongoing and unfolding development of these children, and in this new model we can easily meet the expectations of the Kindergarten year, but even more importantly, we can deepen their learning and social development which is so critical in making the next transition to an elementary program. In addition to our Montessori program in Dublin / Pleasanton, we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum which prepares each child emotionally, socially, and cognitively for the first grade.

Highly trained and qualified teachers with accredited Montessori and early childhood education credentials guide students in the Dublin and Pleasanton school on an exciting journey of learning and self-discovery. Our staff provides highest quality standards in early childhood development by providing each child with new challenges, introducing new lessons and then letting the children practice what they have learned.  As children grow, teachers expand the classroom material in order to allow the children to further explore.

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Note: while our Montessori school is located in Dublin, California, it is very convenient to San Ramon, Pleasanton, and Livermore as well. Many parents look for one of the best Montessori preschool, daycare, childcare, and/or kindergarten programs in Pleasanton and are pleasantly surprised to find us conveniently located in Dublin. Indeed, with easy freeway access to both 580 and 680, our school is excellent for many commuters who may not live in Dublin or Pleasanton, but are looking for a Montessori preschool or kindergarten program that is easy to get to.  For example, we have parents who commute in from Castro Valley, San Ramon, or Livermore.

Slide Ok..this is my second review for LAPMS Dublin…because i LOVE it!!! My daughter is 4 years and 4 months and has been coming here now for 1 year. She started in Class 2 and moved up to Class 3 a few months ago. In my last review, I had mentioned her Class 2 teachers whom she loved. Well…Class 3 teachers are no less. Ms. Sukanya, Ms. Uma, Ms. Deepa, Ms. Vijaya and Ms. Aurora are common names she uses! Whenever a teacher is not in school, she misses them. I think for a 4 year old, this kind of attachment to teachers is a great sign that they are doing all the right things. I like the kind of structure that this Montessori has with the rug-time, jobs, songs and other activities. It is like playtime but they are learning. As parents, I feel we lack in continuing their teachings at home, but feel very relieved that she is picking up good habits at LAPMS. On a day-to-day basis, sometimes we don’t realize how much they’ve improved or learned, but when I look at her art work or her worksheets over weeks or even months time, I can see so much progress. I also have to thank Ms. Neeraja whom really watches and talks to all children as her own. I have had the privilege of sitting down and having some lengthy conversations with her about my kids as well as her kids and she is such a kind and good person. I feel very comfortable with her and makes me feel good that the school is in good hands! Definitely recommend! Pooja B. – Fremont, CA Slide This is the best school in the whole Trivalley! I searched, i did so many tours with other schools, my son went to 2 other preschools before and trust me this is the best one. I am extremely satisfied with learn and play Montessori Dublin campus. My son loves to go to school! The teachers, the staff and the principal Mrs. Neerja everyone is amazing and very caring. The teaching here is superb. I couldn’t be happier. They also provide healthy snack and lunch. I would recommend it to everyone. Zak. M – Dublin, CA Slide Our son has been going to Learn and Play since June of last year and he’s loving every minute of it! Every day he comes home with something new he’s learned and we couldn’t be prouder. He’s a happy and social child and we know for sure that being around such wonderful teachers play a big part of that. A big thank you to Miss Lita, Miss Giselle, Miss Aurora, and Miss Anu for their wonderful work in Room 1! Christina S. – Dublin, CA Slide Being a parent of transfer student from fremont LAPMS, Dublin Branch is equally good as that of fremont! Director Miss Neeraja is so warm and welcoming to new families making the kids comfortable to adjust the new environment. She is very good administrator and always approachable with any queries we have. My son completely enjoyed his preschool experience with LAPMS Dublin. Miss Meena his class teacher from room #4 is simply magical with my child reading skills. She started with phonics and site words and within few weeks he can read a book all by himself!!! Such a dedicated and sincere teacher and biggest asset to the institution.And all the other teachers Miss Sridevi, Miss Shalini, Miss Chen, was very kind and comforting and took good care of his preschool experience. I thank from bottom of my heart for molding and nurturing my son with all positivity. He is going to be graduated as a proud Lapms’ian !!! We will miss you! LAPMS S. S. – Livermore, CA Slide My son joined L&P In June’15 when he was 3and half year old. Since then until today i see how much he has learned and how beautifully his personality is groomed. He has become an independent and confident boy and is doing so well in academics too and that too without me putting much effort at home. The teachers are so loving and caring and they maintain a personal relationship with each parent. Every day he used to come back with new art project, maths sheets, language sheets, new rhymes, songs and what not. I had to drive 5-6 miles each day to drop him but i never regretted the drive. I wish they can provide pick up facility from elementary schools in the coming years. I miss being part of your community L&P. Swati S. – San Jose, CA Slide My son started at Learn and play Montessori school at their Dublin location six months ago. He will be starting kindergarten at a public school this September. I have seen a huge difference in my son’s performance while he was in this preschool. Teachers are extra concerned if child doesn’t make any progress and they are willing to go extra mile. My son had a hard time interacting with other children. Mrs. Meena is a very thorough and knowledgeable about kids with learning issues. She has been working with him and we see the results. I have seen him grow socially and academically. He is now ready for Public school. I would suggest anyone who wants an excellent preschool for their child; this is the place. I highly recommend this school. You will not regret it. David Lapena – Dublin, CA Slide Wonderful place! My daughter is very happy! Would recommend to parents in the area… Ms. Neereja is the best!! Kimberley A. – Dublin, CA Slide I love the teachers at Learn and Play in Dublin. They are compassionate, caring, patient, and very loving toward the little ones. Miss Lita, the head teacher of the 2-3-year-olds classroom is in particular phenomenal and uniquely gifted. The number and variety of crafts and projects that kids do at this school are very well-thought-out and tons of fun. At the end of the day, I wanted a school for my child where he would be happy, safe, and have fun learning. This school certainly meets all of those and more. Keep up the good work, Learn and Play Montessori! Sayanti B. – Dublin, CA Slide My daughter started at Learn and Play at the age of 2, last year in August. Since then, she has learned so much. She comes home with beautiful art projects, sings songs, knows her ABC’s, knows her numbers, and knows different games. I’m very impressed with how much she has learned in the past 9 months. All the teachers at Learn and Play are very caring and patient. They take their jobs very seriously. They keep their eyes on the children and ensure that things are always going right. Ms. Neeraja, the Director of this location is wonderful. She leads by example. She truly is a shining star. Ms. Lita, the room 1 teacher is so loving and caring towards the children. The children naturally gravitate towards her. I’m so happy with my decision to enroll my daughter at this school. I feel at ease knowing that she is in good hands. N. M. – Pleasanton, CA Slide My son was one of the first kids at Learn and Play, and it’s exciting to see how the school has grown and how busy it has gotten! He just started kindergarten, but I am confident he is going to be great at it due to his years at L&P. I love how they take 2yos (most preschools don’t start till age 3), provide diaper care until your kid is potty trained, and food for morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. When you have to drop your child off before 8, they even provide breakfast for the early birds. Milk, cereal, pancakes, waffles, etc. They have a vegan and nonvegan menu, and I notice they always wear gloves when passing out snack and food (). Their pricing is very reasonable, especially because they provide food and are open early and stay late to accommodate working parents. Parents and guardians are required to sign your child in and out of class via an electronic pad, and the front doors are locked and require a staff member to buzz you in. The teachers and assistants are all very friendly and caring, Ms. Neeraja most of all. She takes the time to care for the students as if they were her own, and they are very open to any concerns with your child. My son was super shy and timid when we first started, but now he is more outgoing, had lots of friends he made and bonded with at school, and even was waking up early to “get breakfast at school”. When it was time to pick him up, he didn’t want to leave. He came home everyday with multiple papers of art projects, reading, rhyming, and math papers, and is entering kindergarten knowing how to read level 3 books, doing double/triple digit math, and has learned all about the presidents, solar system, how plants grow, the human skeleton and body parts, the difference between mammals and non mammals, and much much more. His spelling is excellent, and he has even taught me some yoga exercises he’s learned. He had so much fun at L&P, but they have also given him so many tools, skills, and knowledge that he will use for the rest of his life. I can’t wait until my second is old enough to attend. Rebecca L. – San Ramon, CA Slide Me and my kids(2 and half year old twins) love learn and play Montessori School. It’s like their home away from home. They got used to the staff so fast. My kids love all of their teachers and I can see them learning alphabets, songs and art projects very well. They became more communicative after they started going to LAPMS in January of this year (2018). I’m really excited to see what more they are going to learn at LAPMS. I really appreciate all the wonderful work done by the amazing staff members of LAPMS. Thanks everyone. Ashu A. – Dublin, CA Slide Learn and Play Montessori School has been heaven sent for my me and my children! I recently returned back to working full-time after spending several years at home with my kids. Finding a preschool for my children was not easy, but I feel so lucky that Learn and Play opened their Dublin location because they have provided me with the peace of mind a mother needs to have when leaving her children somewhere. The staff are amazing! They genuinely love the children. They are very nurturing and patient, and teach my children so many important lessons about how to be a considerate caring person. Plus they provide meals! I definitely recommend this school! Roxanne S. – Dublin, CA Slide I highly recommend this preschool to anyone needing care. The teachers are hands-on, caring and really help the children thrive. The playgrounds are new and kids like playing with their friends at school. Kids enjoy their time from “art” to “music” to “circle time”. It’s hard to pull them away some days. Great location easy for drop off and pick up , very clean and safe environment for kids. Highly Highly recommend!!! this school to all those who want their kids in safe hands. Manpreet K. – Pleasanton, CA Slide I love this preschool…My four year old went to the Peralta center for about a year and I was very happy with them so when we moved to Pleasanton I was delighted to find out they had a center in Dublin. The teachers are wonderful, caring and very open and communicative. Once I needed to talk to them about phonics and Ms Mina went one step ahead and led me through the enire phonics program and approach! All the other teachers have also been extremely helpful. The director Ms Kiran is so very approachable and flexible….very nice and easy to work with…takes feedback constructively, which is a huge thing 🙂 Clean and organised center, parking is always easy…as of now at least! The Peralta center organized a lot of activities during Christmas and Halloween and I am hoping Dubin will follow lead as well All in all I am really pleased and happy I chose Learn and PLay…my son iis happy and content there! Touchwood! Sehba S. – Pleasanton, CA Slide Originally named Montessori Plus changed to “Learn & Play Montessori” for good enrichment of children . The change has lead to exceptionally good environment for little ones in many ways . My daughter loves her teachers as she is given full care at all times in all kind of developmental stages . We feel that provision of emotional support and enhancement builds child self esteem and teacher Ms.Heather , Ms.Manjari, Ms.Neerja do great in putting all this together . Whole staff(including directors , teachers and owners) have been constantly working hard to be successful in all ways . Being this school only few months old , should be given some cushion to put things all together which any facility would take . Owners and directors have put in all kind of play materials and resources , tools for the facility . This school actually follows the Montessori approach very dedicatedly- -curriculum is taken seriously and followed in right manner -organised -very clean -good snacks -regular touch bases with teachers -Informative monthly newsletters -sign up at doors for records and safety -clean play structures -clean bathrooms -extra curricular activities (sports,languages) We are very happy with the school and whatever my child is learning . Parents should consider this school without any thought. G K. – San Ramon, CA Slide We love love this montessori! We searched a lot before making the decision to come to Learn and Play and I am so glad we did. My 4 year old is happy going to school every day and she learns so much from the program. They are always doing projects and keeping the kids busy (mentally and physically). The staff and teachers are wonderful and treat my daughter with love and care. What more could you want? Swati H. – Pleasanton, CA Slide My son loves this preschool! The classroom is very clean and organized. The teachers are very hands-on, caring and really helped my child adjust to this new environment. He tells us everyday what he learned which makes us very happy! He loves ‘circle time’ and ‘music’. Great location! Definitely a safe environment for kids. I have recommended this school to all my mommy friends! 🙂 I highly recommend this school! Bangon B. – Dublin, CA Slide Very good school, great teachers. My Son got potty trained in less than a month with the right support of teachers. They take very good care of each and every child and give them personal attention. They will personally try and understand needs of every child and take care and make them feel at home. I also like the jobs and fun projects that kids do here to improve motor skills. Would highly recommend this school. N.K. – Dublin, CA Slide We were referred to LAPMS by one of our old neighbor – truly a great place for kids to start their early / preschool education. Our twin daughters have been with LAPMS, Dublin, CA since 2.5yrs of age. We love and the KIDS LOVE their teachers, a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the teachers for taking such good care of the kids. Admin staff, Ms.Rex has always been so attentive and helpful to all and any concerns we ever had. LAPMS has been very friendly, homely yet very professional. We have seen lot of positive changes in our daughters overtime – in their social skills, being independent and disciplined. This place truly provides a good balance of learning time and play time for the kids. Our daughters had different needs at different times which were always attended with great care. We sincerely appreciate Director Ms. Neeraja, truly a delightful person and all her wonderful staff for taking such good care of kids. We can with no doubts say that kids are in good hands. We missed them in just 2 days of their graduation from this school and had to come back to join their Kindergarten program. 5 stars to Ms. Neeraja and all the teachers from Room 1 to Room 4 for their loving, caring, thoughtful, attentive and friendly nature not just with kids but with their families as well. We are truly grateful to be part of LAPMS family. Sadaf Z. – Dublin, CA Slide Caring teachers and caring staff! Thanks😊 Sarika Dua – Dublin, CA Slide We love this school because of the fact that my son is singing a new rhyme each day and knows his pledge and national anthem so well already( he is 3 and half) 🙂 He is getting better at writing his alphabets and numbers, additions/subtractions and his attention span in doing jobs is also increasing. He is becoming social and more independent day by day. Each school has some cons but the pros overshadow them. i am a satisfied mom. Swati S. Slide My daughter had a very good time here and learned a lot. Karan J. – Dublin, CA

Welcome to our Dublin Montessori School, which serves families in the tri-city area of Dublin, San Ramon and Pleasanton, California, with Montessori-based programs for childcare, daycare, preschool, and kindergarten. Our Dublin Montessori school is conveniently located with easy access to both Highway 680 and Highway 580 and is off of San Ramon Blvd in Dublin, California.  We are located at 11900 Silvergate Drive, Dublin, California. You can reach this campus at 925-248-2200.  The campus is open from 7:00AM to 6:30PM.

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