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Montessori Online – Preschool & Kindergarten Virtual Programs

We are excited to offer our best-in-class Montessori-based learning online! While we strenuously maintain our “face to face” Montessori preschools in Fremont, Danville, and Dublin, we are now offering exciting online / virtual options!

  • Ready for the details? Explore session times, how we use Youtube and Zoom, recordings, worksheets, and program costs on our program details page.

Our online Montessori curriculum modifies the best of Montessori with homeschool / online alternatives so that you can help your child with English, math, science, and other critical learning skills. We offer virtual learning programs for children from two year old to six year old and every age in between.

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  • Program Details – explore program details such as live learning times, how we use Youtube, Zoom sessions, costs, and other aspects of our best-in-class online preschool, kindergarten, and Montessori-based learning programs.
  • Montessori Online – explore how we’ve taken the traditional Montessori curriculum online for childcare / daycare, preschool, and kindergarten and made it go virtual.
  • Preschool Online – don’t let your preschooler fall behind. Our virtual preschool program helps them to keep up and get ready for a life of success at learning.
  • Kindergarten Online – kindergarten is a fundamental building block to success at school, including math, science, engineering, and English skills. Explore online kindergarten, the Montessori way.
  • Online daycare and online childcare – if your child is very young, we offer programs focused on age-appropriate methodologies. You deserve a break and your child deserves a fun, learning-friendly environment!
  • Online summer camp – NEW for summer 2023. We offer online summer programs for preschool / kindergarten kids to keep them engaged and learning.

Got questions? Check out our remote learning portal as well as our YouTube channels. Both offer free online preschool, prek, kindergarten, and Montessori materials. You can also contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help!

online Montessori school - kindergarten, preschool, and more

Our online curriculum is based on our interactive learning via Zoom (also available on YouTube), which you can check out for free, and then builds upon this with additional worksheets and learning activities, games, and other online learning lessons for your children.

Explore our online preschool and kindergarten learning options, options that blend virtual learning with homeschooling exercises based on Montessori. We have live and recorded program options.

Our online learning programs are based on the “Montessori way.” While it is not fully possible to be 100% Montessori in the online environment, we strive to do so. Montessori is an educational approach grounded in the belief that children learn best within an environment that respects and nurtures their individual and unique capabilities and this school provides them exactly that. Our Programs set children on a lifelong path of exploration, in a world created especially for the young mind. Our Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms in Danville are designed to be hands-on, in addition to scaffolding children towards being independent. Children will be introduced to and advance in areas such as math facts, phonics, writing phrases in script and cursive, poetry, and the richness of expressive language, understand the concepts of earth, water, continents, and countries, and use an extensive vocabulary for botany, biology, and cultural concepts. Our calm and beautiful classrooms spaces, are prepared with careful consideration of the children’ needs and capabilities. Spanish, art, music, dance, and movement activities are integrated into the classroom curriculum ensuring a harmonious balance of learning and fun.

Our teachers have fully embraced the “online way” for their classes in preschool and kindergarten. Our Montessori-trained teachers provide the highest quality Montessori-based childcare and day care standards in early childhood development by providing each child with new challenges and abundant amount of opportunities for exploration.  As children grow, teachers expand the classroom material to allow the children to further explore.  All materials have both an online and real-world component, and parents are encouraged to download Montessori-inspired worksheets and deliverables for their children.

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Our best-in-class program is now available online! Whether you’re looking for an online Montessori preschool or just an “online preschool,” our program is second to none. We serve children who are two year olds, three year olds, four year olds, five year olds and even six year olds – those whose parents want an online childcare / daycare, preschool, or even kindergarten experience for their child. Never stop learning!

Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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