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Our Beautiful And Spacious New Danville Preschool School is NOW ENROLLING! . Explore a best-in-class Montessori school for your child – from daycare / childcare to preschool to kindergarten convenient to Alamo, San Ramon, and Danville, right on the I-680 corridor.

Nestled in a lush green serene surrounding, our beautiful Danville Montessori School is conveniently located with easy access to Highway 680, just off Sycamore Blvd in Danville, California. Accordingly, our school has become the daycare, childcare, Danville preschool, and kindergarten of choice for busy Danville parents as well as commuters down 680 from nearby towns such as Diablo, Alamo, and San Ramon. Residents of Blackhawk and even Walnut Creek have found us an easy solution for their preschool needs, using a world class Montessori curriculum.

This spacious Tudor cottage style campus hosts 8 colorful and inviting classrooms for daycare, childcare, preschool and kindergarten which are filled with sequenced and high-quality Montessori material that allows for endless learning opportunities for the young inquisitive minds.

Preschool in Danville, CA

We offer year-round Toddler, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten and After School programs for children ages 18 months to 6 years old at this campus designed with ample amount of space in mind, which allows children to move around freely and explore all the Montessori material. Extended windows in each preschool classroom provide a myriad of natural light to enhance the academic and developmental environment.

We know parents are busy, and many commute to/from San Ramon, Danville, Walnut Creek, and other nearby cities. We know they’re looking for the best preschool and daycare, childcare and kindergarten programs not only in Danville but also in San Ramon, Alamo, Blackhawk, and other cities only the busy 680 corridor. Accordingly, we offer parents options to choose from various Full Time, Part time and After school Child Care and Child Development programs.

The spacious playground, separate for each age group, in the back of the school is fully gated and offers a safe environment for children as they play and work on strengthening their gross motor skills. The outdoor playground provides ample opportunities for children to acquaint themselves with nature, up close and personal.

Montessori is an educational approach grounded in the belief that children learn best within an environment that respects and nurtures their individual and unique capabilities and this school provides them exactly that. Our Programs set children on a lifelong path of exploration, in a world created especially for the young mind. Our Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms in Danville are designed to be hands-on, in addition to scaffolding children towards being independent. Children will be introduced to and advance in areas such as math facts, phonics, writing phrases in script and cursive, poetry, and the richness of expressive language, understand the concepts of earth, water, continents, and countries, and use an extensive vocabulary for botany, biology, and cultural concepts. Our calm and beautiful classrooms spaces, are prepared with careful consideration of the children’ needs and capabilities. Spanish, art, music, dance, and movement activities are integrated into the classroom curriculum ensuring a harmonious balance of learning and fun.

Our teachers provide highest quality Montessori-based childcare and day care standards in early childhood development by providing each child with new challenges and abundant amount of opportunities for exploration.  As children grow, teachers expand the classroom material to allow the children to further explore.

Childcare Preschool Center License #013422491

Our Montessori school offers an excellent preschool (daycare / childcare) program right here in Danville as well as Kindergarten instructions. If you live in Walnut Creek, Alamo, San Ramon or nearby communities like Blackhawk or Tassajara, you owe it to your child to come visit one of the best preschools and private kindergartens in the area. Perhaps you don’t know about the Montessori method or perhaps you are already convinced that the best preschools use Montessori. Either way, a school tour in Danville is your next best step.

Slide My daughter started LAPMS when she was 2 1/2 year old. She used to be very shy and quiet girl but not anymore because of great teachers and staffs. In my opinion, it is important to learn alphabet or number but also important to learn about manner and patience when kids are younger age. This is school that teaches both well to children. My daughter learned says Hi or Bye to teachers and friends and wait for her turn, clean up after she play with toys. Christine L. Slide Both of my kids transition to LAPMS in March 2018, I could not be more grateful to the staff and teachers that have help my super shy 4 year old grow into an amazing, independent and confident little girl. To the staff, main teacher and, I could not be more grateful to the staff and teachers that have help my super shy 4 year old grow into an amazing, independent and confident little girl. To the staff, main teacher and curriculum director thank you for taking my concerns at heart and helping my daughter overcome her shyness and grow both socially and academically Muriel Pastrana Slide We have been bringing our 22 month old son here for the past month and a half and we are so glad we found this gem! The staff is so very welcoming and kind and they do a wonderful job working with the kids! Our son is currently in classroom 1 with the other toddlers (18 mo- 36mo) and in the brief time he has been “going to school” he has gained so many new skills and words so much quicker than he had been previously. He is at an age where he is growing leaps and bounds every day and the teachers at LAPM know exactly how to encourage him to discover and learn. I also love that we get the occasional pictures sent in an email to help us see what our son is up to during the day. I do deal with some separation anxiety (much more than my son, in fact!) but the staff at LAPM have helped me adjust and they understand without me having to explain. They are wonderful at what they do. We love the staff’s willingness to work with us to provide the kind of care our son needs and fits within our needs as a family. I can’t wait to see where he goes as he continues to learn with all of the wonderful teachers at Learn and Play! Lindsey F. Slide Our 4 year old daughter is enrolled here, it has been now 4 months. She is always very excited about going to pre-school everyday, we are very happy with her growth and learning. She has shown growth all around, creativity, art, academically and socially with the help of caring and loving teachers and staff. Facility is very clean, big and located close to freeway. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work Director, teachers and staff put for our daughter, and being very pro-active in communicating all the details, capturing and sending pics. Thank you LAPMS. Satya T. Slide We moved to Danville recently and I had been looking for a school where the curriculum involved both play and learning. I am so happy with this school that is because my son is super happy. The teachers are excellent and my son learnt a great deal in just less than 2 months. I would personally like to thank Ms. Bharathi as she is a wonderful teacher who had done so many one2ones with my son and made him independent and a well mannered child. They have such lively teachers and it is always fun to drop him at school and of course so is he. Highly recommend this school. Totally love everything about it ! Sirisha W. Slide My daughter has been going to LAPMS since she was two.We transferred to the Danville location from the Dublin location.Our experience has been wonderful at both the locations. There has been a consistency in her care and growth both socially and academically. We love the vastness of the Danville location and the staff is very warm and inviting. Would recommend this school to anyone looking for quality care for their children. Raman Puri Slide Been with 2 other daycares/preschools and this is our 3rd one so I am very particular. Being new we took a leap of faith but LAPM has consistently impressed with its professional and caring staff, attention to each child’s development and commitment of staff to customer care. The yard is one of the largest in the area so that’s a big plus point. Parking is never an issue and the location is very conveniently situated close to the highway exit but still guarded by tall trees. Food S. Slide Excellent school! My child thrives here. Wonderful staff, beautiful campus. Angela Daul Slide Excellent school. Our 2 year old daughter loves it here. She has blossomed since she started here. The staff treat her like family. Very warm and loving environment, and a beautiful campus. Nicole P. Slide This school is so wonderful, and clean and friendly environment. We get the positive vibe as soon as we walk in the school everyday. All the staffs and teachers are very professional and caring. Highly recommended. Daniel Han Slide When I first saw how organized the school was I thought it might be too structured for my daughter. Since that time I have learned that the method of organization is lovingly applied and is now crossing over to my daughter’s life skills. The organization is essential to a healthy learning environment. I am so impressed with the loving staff and my daughter’s growth in mathematics and her letters. This is the exact opposite to the last preschool which was play based and quite honestly…Mayhem! Monica B. Slide We recently moved our 3 1/2 here early March and we couldn’t be happier about this decision. We had recently left another school in the area as we wanted more of a school setting than a daycare for our daughter. First, the staff is amazing! You can really see that being this is a new school, they are trying to build the best processes and make a fun environment for the children. Ms. Manjeri is very hands-on and gives constant updates on our daughter’s progress at this school. We really appreciate this. On another note, our daughter is really happy too:) Every time we pick her up at the end of the day, she doesn’t want to leave. She wants to stay and play with her friends. Also, the Montessori materials and teaching really work for our daughter, she is so excited to show us her artwork and what materials she is studying in school. I was amazed how much she was learning in such a short amount of time at this school. Oh, did I also mention how clean and pretty their facility is!! Honestly, I know the stress of trying to find the best school for your toddlers and being on the waitlist after waitlist trying to get in. This place is going to fill up, quick because it’s amazing. Jennifer G. Slide So very, very thankful to have found this school. Our 4 year old had been passing time (not learning enough, bored most of the time) at KinderCare Cherry Lane – I’ll write a review of them soon, and it won’t be pretty. But back to focus – he wasn’t flourishing at KinderCare at all. So when this new Montessori opened, ironically in the old KinderCare Danville building, the timing was perfect for us to give it a shot. Couldn’t. Be. Happier. Staff is either a) super friendly and engaging, b) very well qualified to educate kids in the Montessori method, or (most often) c) both. Our guy’s academic improvement in a few short weeks is dramatic. He’s still getting plenty of play time as well (weather allowing), but the focus is on academics. I feel like our son is *much* more prepared for kindergarten in the fall than he was even a couple of weeks ago. And just as importantly, he’s really enjoying learning. Very engaged, excited to try new stations and anxious to show us his latest accomplishments each day. If there is/was a drawback to this location, it’s because we were early adopters. This location only opened a few months ago, and our guy was one of only a handful of enrolled kids to start. It was a bit lonely for a while, but classes are starting to fill. Energy is far better now, and it gets better with each new family who comes on board. Sign your kid up here. Now. You won’t regret it. We will miss this place when he starts the Big K in the fall. Darren D. Slide My son is enjoying at school. School is big, clean and neat. All the staff are very friendly and caring. Sejal Sanghvi Slide My nearly two year old son started at this school recently and was greeted with care, compassion and kindness! The staff is so warm and friendly. I would recommend LAPMS to parents in Danville that are looking to leave their children in safe, loving environment. Trish Arieta Slide Our daughter is enrolled in the toddler program at Learn and Play Montessori Danville. We can’t say enough good things about the school. The teachers are caring, nice and friendly. The classrooms are clean and organized. My daughter has already learned new things within the past 2 months since she enrolled. She would also bring home some art and craft that she did at school. She loves going to school! Ms Shobie always greet us with a big smile on her face and sometimes shares us with our daughter’s school pictures. We are so lucky to have found this school for our daughter and we highly recommend this school to other parents! Kenny K. Slide We (and our 21 month old son) love Learn and Play! We enrolled our son this month and he’s been going for the last three weeks. We have seen a big improvement in how much more our son interacts with other children, how much more talkative he is, and how much better he is in feeding himself. I appreciate how professional and friendly all the staff is here at the Danville campus. This was the first time we had put our son in the care of someone who was not family, and the teachers and staff had assured us from the very beginning that he’s in good hands-and I definitely know he is. Ms. Shoebi (who will always greet you every morning with a friendly smile) does an awesome job at making sure we are always updated throughout the day via e-mail. I’m going with my mama instincts on this one and this place gets an “A” in my book. Another bonus, this place is completely brand new and the whole facility is clean, spacious, and offers many activities that facilitate age appropriate learning…all equals a happy toddler and happy family! Joce C. Slide We are moving from Fremont to Danville in January 2018 so we came and visited Learn and Play for our 19 month old and 4 year old today during their Open House. I think every parent just like myself will appreciate that everything at the preschool is brand new!!!! The classrooms are filled with all brand new learning materials. There is so much natural lighting coming in all the classroom and there are 5 separate play areas for each age group. I am happy to know that I will be able to have one drop off and one pick up. The director and teachers were so warm and inviting. It was nice that they had an art table set up to keep children engaged while I asked all my questions. I am nervous about moving my children to a new preschool but after visiting Learn and Play I feel comfortable and excited that my children will be apart of a very neat, clean, and organized school. The facility has really good security system and is located in a safe area. We are excited to have our munchkins start here in January! Kana L. Slide We fell in love with this Campus during our school tour. It’s beautiful, spacious, brand new, very conveniently located off of 680, secure/in secluded area and has a huge playground. It’s brand new with lots of natural light in each classroom. So far this is the best preschool in this area. I’m very impressed and I highly recommend this preschool to all the parents. Sugi S. Slide My wife and I visited a lot of montessori preschools and child care/day care centers in Danville and San Ramon. We are so glad we found Learn And Play Montessori School. We’ve been taking our son here for over a month and we could not be happier. He loves going to school, which is every parent’s dream. The teachers are well trained and caring and seem to really have fun with the kids. The staff is great at keeping us informed and I feel safe having our boy here. So far so good and we will update this review in few months. Andy P. Slide We just took a tour of Learn And Play’s Danville preschool last week. This is one of the most beautiful, spacious, safe, clean and welcoming preschool that we have ever visited. We feel in love with not only the inside but the huge playground. We definitely recommend this preschool to any pickey parent. Mike M.

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