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Daycare (Childcare) | Preschool | Kinder & After School in Centerville (Fremont) California

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Your child deserves a top-quality program in Centerville Fremont, California! Our Montessori-inspired program combines a fun approach to learning that unlocks the passion in every child to want to learn. We emphasize basic learning skills, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in age-appropriate ways. From 18 months to 9 years, your child will love our program and so will you as a parent or guardian.

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A Top-Rated Program and School in Centerville Fremont, California
Our Centerville Fremont campus offers best-in-class programs for children from 18 months to 9 years. We combine age-appropriate Montessori methods with a focus on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), so as to encourage a lifelong “passion for learning.” Use this page to learn more about our programs, or call us at 510-870-4678 or Schedule a Tour today.

  • Daycare / Childcare. We accept children as young as 18 months to 9 years and provide quality daycare in a licensed, loving environment. This helps children grow and mature, and assists busy Bay Area parents who want a secure, safe, and caring environment for their little ones.
  • Preschool. Preschool is the foundation of success in education. Accordingly, our preschool program combines Montessori methods with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to set a foundation for the child. Kids love our programs because they are fun; parents love them, because they are effective.
  • Kindergarten. We are a private kindergarten that offers better hours and higher quality instruction than “free” state programs. The child learns more, and the parents have an easier time due to more flexible and extensive hours.
  • After School Programs. We also offer “after school” programs for kids in public schools. Call us today to explore costs and options.

Questions and Answers.

Q. What does the program cost?
A. Our programs are affordable, based on the amount of time needed for your child. Use the tabs above to browse costs and rates, or feel free to contact the office for up-to-date rates and tuition. Costs differ as well between daycare/childcare, preschool, kindergarten and after school programs.

Q. How do I enroll my child?
A. The best first step is to call the office and ask any questions. You can also sign up for a school tour, and if you’re ready, at that time we can give you the paperwork and forms to fill out. Enrollment is easy, but of course forms are required.

Q. Is this a licensed preschool program?
A. Yes, all our programs meet city and state regulatory requirements. We are a licensed provider, and fulfill all necessary requirements. We go above and beyond the state requirements as needed.

Preschool Childcare Center License 015700594
School-Age Center License 015700595

Q. What is your methodology?
A. We are a “Montessori-inspired” program. This means we take the best of Montessori methodology, allowing the child to lead the learning process and instill a passion for learning. That said, we recognize that the jobs of the future will be in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math. Thus, we focus on STEM and also incorporate strong language and multiculture aspects to our program.

Methodology. We are a Montessori-inspired program, combining the best of Montessori with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to foster a passion for learning. Feel free to set up a school tour or call to speak with a specialist to learn more about our educational system.
Learn More. Use the menu above to book a school tour, explore our calendar, registration forms, tuition and other aspects of our exciting program. Again, feel free to call or contact us for more information.

Learn And Play® Montessori
2550 Peralta Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536
Tel. 510-870-4678

Preschool Childcare Center License 015700594
School-Age Center License 015700595

Fun Factoid about Montessori
In 1922 Maria Montessori was appointed government inspector of schools in Italy, but left the country in 1934 because of the Fascist rule. After periods in Spain and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), she settled in the Netherlands. Montessori scorned conventional classrooms, where “children, like butterflies mounted on pins, are fastened each to his place.” She sought, instead, to teach children by supplying concrete materials and organizing situations conducive to learning with these materials.

Fun Factoid about Centerville Fremont, California
Centerville was created about halfway between Mission San Jose and Alvarado, on the road between those two towns, and where the road from Niles to Newark crossed the road from Oakland to San Jose. It was founded in 1850 when George Lloyd and Frank Pepe built homes. That same year, John Horner built a school house, that was also used for Mormon and other religious services. In 1852, Capt. George Bond and Stacy Horner also built homes in Centerville and Capt. Bond opened the first store. In 1854, a second store was opened by Mr. Clemens. The Centerville Presbyterian church was organized in 1853 by W. W. Brier, with a brick church built in 1855. St. James Episcopal church was built in 1867. The town expended in the 1860’s with more stores opening and two hotels being built. The United States hotel was built in 1858 and the Gregory House hotel was built in 1869. Centerville became the center of Washington Township when the Alameda County court for the area was located in there. Criminals from Alvarado to Mission San Jose faced the judge in Centerville. In the 1920’s the courthouse was built on Peralta and Martha. When Fremont incorporated, it kept the court and moved it to Walnut and Paseo Padre. Most of the existing buildings in Centerville were built after 1906.
Source: Centerville-walking-tour.pdf (


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Address: 2550 Peralta Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536

Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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