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Pleasant Hill Parent Reviews

Well it’s just about a month here and we are already loving how much our kid is learning. I always admire how much kids follow the discipline with accuracy. We love our teachers namely miss Ayesha, miss charu and miss Maziya. Even the front desk namely miss Natalie,miss Jessica and miss Alice receive with great smiles every time. I highly recommend this place. Star Laxmi G. – Fremont, CA My wife and I were unhappy with how other schools structured their learning. Here, our preschooler learns without realizing she’s being taught. A rating Star Akeem D. – Fremont, CA Our family’s experience spans over 4+ years now. First with our 5 year old who is now in K and currently with our 2 year old. In this time, L and P Montessori has been nothing short of incredible. I would highly recommend this facility. The staff (forgive me because I know I will forget someone..Sorry about that) Ms. Anu, Ms. Kavya, Ms. Mishra, Ms. Alice, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Natalie, Ms. Shree…The list goes on. EVERYONE has always been very attentive, understanding and professional. Also, always friendly and positive with the children. I am especially impressed with them all knowing the children’s names, even if they are not the teacher. I feel very safe knowing my children are in good hands during the day. Additionally, this is a place that truly has a structure and is not just a daycare center. My children both started at age 2 and I very much believe that they have socially benefitted from this program. Overall, I would not hesitate for a moment to give the highest praise to L and P Montessori. Thanks again for taking such great interest and care in my children’s days. With Appreciation, Scott Star Scott G. – Fremont, CA My daughter has been going to LAPMS-Irvington since May 2017. When she first came to the school, she was leery of the new environment. The staff and teachers made sure she was comfortable everyday, and within a week she was loving the school. Since my daughter has been here, I have seen her blossom and become more confident and outgoing. I love the cleanliness of the facility and how well it is organized, which allows the school to be ran efficiently. All the staff at front (Miss Katrina, Miss Mayli, Miss Shirley, and Miss Ksharma) know every child’s name and make sure to greet them hello and say good-bye at the end of the day, which is an amazing feat as there are over 200 students. All in all this place feels like a family, as opposed to an institution where I send my daughter. I would highly recommend this place for any family. Star Wendy L. – Fremont, CA I write this review while I’m sitting in the parking lot of the school itself. My heart is so full of joy right now. I just dropped off my child to his classroom and he immediately ran off and joined circle time with a big smile on his face and started singing rhymes along with the other kids. Ms. Ayesha, Ms. Charo & Ms. Mazia are amazing teachers and I can see so many improvements in my son already ( socially and from a learning perspective). I decided to move my son here from another private institution and I feel that was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a mother for my child. The front staff is amazing ( Ms. Alice, Ms. Jessica, Ms.Natalie). The Director herself ( Ms. Kiran) has always been open, welcoming and ready to help or answer any questions I have. You know as parents we know it takes a village to raise a child and so far I go to work after dropping my son off without a worry in the world knowing he’s in good hands and very very happy with this village. I’ve never gotten the feeling that I’m just a financial transaction for this school- they genuinely care about the well being of your child. I also want to put out there that this is my honest review and I have received ZERO incentives in exchange for this review. Star Ginni J. – Fremont, CA My older daughter startred attending when she turned 3, right before her baby sister arrived. The teachers are all very welcoming, caring, compassionate and make me feel that I am leaving my child in a place where she is safe and will be nutured. I love the Montessori curriculum! My daughter comes home telling me about amphibians, Africa, planting radishes, and telling me what 4 + 5 equals. It’s so well rounded and yet so practical! My daughter is a generally well behaved child but she has absolutely blossomed in this environment. In a few short weeks – baby sister will join her. We would have started her sooner except they now only take 2 years and up. If you are looking for an amazing preschool with absolutely wonderful teachers and an atmosphere that feels like a elementary school – this is the place for you! Star Ellena M. – Milpitas, CA My daughter has been attending this school for a year now. She started in Room 2 and now is in room 4. Consistently, the teachers have been invested in my daughter’s growth. Olivia has developed so much thanks to each teacher’s guidance, patience, and support. My only disappointment is there isn’t an infant room for my son. Star Stephanie S. – San Francisco, CA We arrived to Learn and Play Montessori – Niles Campus when it first opened in 2011. Both of our boys started their schooling experience at 7 months old. The campus is spacious and beautiful. The staff continue to nurture our boys who are now in the upper classrooms. Our School Director, Ms. Aurelia, works relentless to ensure that classrooms are safe and children are learning while exploring. My boys have developed such a passion for books at a young age due to the ongoing efforts of teachers and the curriculum. I am grateful to Ms Phi for nurturing my kids in the infant room. It is not easy for working moms to leave their children in the hands of strangers. The staff in the infant room made me feel safe and secure to leave my young boys. They took care of my children like they were their own. With so many more families at the school expanding their families, why did Learn and Play get rid of their infant classroom? We need it! I have witnessed and observed the positive growth of so many young ones who started off in the Infant Classroom. Having a consistent school to attend and retaining a teaching staff with reputable reputation is critical in developing a positive school culture for students. Star Kim N. – Fremont, CA I L-O-V-E this school. Staff: The staff is amazing (they remember and greet every kid that comes and goes from their door). They genuinely care about each kid from the front desk staff to the teachers and chefs, everyone is just incredible. They are super flexible which is important to me, because I own and run two businesses. Sometimes client meetings go long and I have to keep my son there longer. They have never batted an eye when that happens and they only charge $10/hr for each hour you go over your normal time. That’s way cheaper than I’ve found for babysitters. School: There are age-appropriate and safe play structures. The classrooms all encourage independent learning. They inspire kids to learn and grow in their own way and on their own time. Lessons/Learning: my son has learned so much since he’s been there. They have a blend of Montessori and play-based, from what I could see. They learn about animals, geography, languages, music, science, practical life things, and culture all in pre-preschool. My son’s 2.5, so whatever you call that level. Food: They feed your kids 2 snacks and a lunch (all healthy whenever possible). You won’t find a better school in the area…I’ve looked at them all before finding this gem! Star Samantha D. – San Francisco, CA My son has been attending LAPMS Niles since September and he is very happy and enjoys coming to school every day. He loves his teachers Ms Pratima, Ms Seema and Ms Alice. He comes home with great art projects and he is learning so much! The front desk staff is always helpful and welcomes him every day with smiles. It’s a beautiful campus with great play structures and wonderful staff. Highly recommended! Star M. Thivani – Fremont, CA We are very happy with the school’s Kindergarten program (Room 2). They have an intensive and advanced curriculum that provides quality education to young kids. The teachers, headed by Ms. Lea (Room 2) are all good. The teachers provide quality education with great care for the children. I would recommend Kindergarten program in this school. Star MomOf2C – Union City, CA My daughter started with L & P when she was 2 years old. We could not have been more happy and satisfied with each and every teacher and front desk staff. They all are very affectionate, loving and caring. I can see all the efforts teachers put into the child by seeing how much our daughter has flourished. I highly recommend this school. And as previous reviews said their front desk staff should be given a special mention for remembering each and every child’s name and greeting them every time when they enter and leave the school. Thank you. Star Pranthesh S. – Union City, CA My daughter Sanaya, started going to Learn and Play Montessori school when she was 28 months.With terrible two kicking-in and mommy staying away for the major part of the day, it was really hard on her. But thanks to the teachers and Ms Amy, who helped in making the transition a lot smoother. The school was really helpful in trying to make it easier for her. Now she loves going to school and wants to go on Sunday as well. She sings rhymes all the time. It feels great when your child is learning at school. She’s happy and so are we!! Star Radhika G. – Fremont, CA My son has been going here since he was 2 and a half. He is 5 now. He quickly went from being a child who cried for hours in school to a child who loves going to school. He has progressed through multiple rooms and all his teachers through the years have been wonderful. The admins have always been very helpful. My son has grown to be an intelligent, independent and confident child. Thank you LAPMS, Niles. Star Vishwas B. – Fremont, CA My son goes to this school and he absolutely loves it! Our experience here has been wonderful and Director Kiran is amazing, the front desk ladies Jessica & Natalia are great and even his teacher Miss Marina is outstanding. I would definitely send my second child here as well 🙂 highly recommend. Star Nida F. – Fremont, CA My husband and I agreed that it was time to start our two year old son in an educational program. He is an only child and we wanted to make sure he was having plenty of social interaction with other kids his age, plus we realized the importance of stimulating a child’s drive to explore and learn. After researching multiple programs and schools in our area, we decided on Learn and Play Montessori in Niles. Our experience at LPMS has been nothing but positive. Our son started a few weeks ago and he is just loving it there. Bringing a child to school of the first time, can be a very emotional experience, but the staff at Montessori has been so kind and helpful. They are fair and honest in their approach and policies. Plus they took the time to answer all my questions. The first few classes were not easy for my son, he was not used to being dropped off, and he was very upset that mommy left him. He cried A LOT! I was surprised how well the teachers handled him. They would pick him up and hold him and comfort him, sometimes for the whole class. During the first few days, I called a few times a day to check in on him. The school staff was so polite and understanding. They even suggested positive ways to help my son and I cope with the transition. Now it has been a few weeks and my son actually looks forward to “school days”. When I come to pick him up, I can tell that he is enjoying himself. He is laughing and playing with the other children. It is absolutely wonderful to see. I would definitely recommend LPMS to any parent who is serious about their child’s future. Star Nicole S. – Milpitas, CA My daughter has been attending the Niles location of Learn and play for the past 2 years. Learn and play is a professionally managed pre school. Staff and teachers are genuinely happy , they always have a smile, remember kids names and greet them every day. The rooms are well ventilated with big play areas.I never had any complaints from my daughter too. Ms.Aziza, Ms.Thivani they are amazing teachers with great passion , dedication, smile while teaching kids in the class .They have good skill in teaching kids in fun loving way at the same time providing kids stronger foundation. I would like to give a special shout out to the teachers Ms. Aziza, Ms.Thivani for being compassionate and genuine.I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. Star Mayuri N. – Fremont, CA It has been couple of months since my 3 yo started attending Learn and Play Montessori School. After the initial hesitation, he has settled in very well & is learning and having fun in a loving environment. Thank you to Ms. Anna, Ms. Natalie & Ms. Senyace. There are supervised learning activities to do like reading, painting, singing. The kids have a big play yard where they can ride bikes and run around. A great place if you’re looking for a safe, clean, learning environment for your little one. Star Prashant S. – Fremont, CA I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about sending my daughter to this school. I was not too sure about Montessori schools. My first day with my daughter we were all apprehensive. Then when my daughter met the teachers, it was all over. She fell in love with the school and the staff. The staff themselves are really nice individuals, they always respond to each other as Miss. During your orientation you will meet with one of the staff that will drone on and on about randomness in a cold ass room, and slightly redirect your questions into oblivion. One of the questions that I had was about when the School will call an ambulance to send the child to a hospital (I used to work on an ambulance, and now an Emergency Department) She is doing very well. As a 4 year old she can do some basic math and write. Her vocabulary has also increased, its cute while somewhat annoying (But that comes with a growing child, its not their fault, my girl is just getting bigger). They also do various other multicultural projects that my daughter loves. She has been going to this school for about 5 months. She absolutely loves it. She had a cold the other day and I told her that she would not be going to school and she lost her goddamn mind. She was super upset that she would miss time with her classmates and the teachers. She loves this school so much that she asks to go to school on the weekends. I have to admit, I am sold on this school. I would recommend any parent to try this place out. Star Pravin S. – Hayward, CA My sons have been going to this preschool for a year now. They were both in a very good home preschool and daycare but we wanted the oldest to be in larger preschool to prepare him better for kindergarten and it was easier to have them in the same preschool. We chose this school based on recommendation from a family friend and haven’t been disappointed. My oldest has been going to room 3 and he absolutely adores the main teacher Ms Sanju. I have observed him on several occasions and Ms Sanju (and the other teachers) are amazing with the kids. Thanks to her and the other teachers, my son has gone from being a shy boy who was clearly uncomfortable doing a performance in front of the parents even when in a large group of kids to happily sing “Do, a deer” alone in front of a large group of parents, most of whom he didn’t know, at the annual talent show. For me, the most important thing was to make sure my son was mentally mature and ready for kindergarten and I feel he is already ready for kindergarten which he will start in August. But he has also learned a lot academically and I have been really impressed observing the jobs/activities he does at school and how he continues to make progress on all aspects (math, language, etc). My youngest has been going to room 7 and Ms Sylvia and Ms Patricia have been amazing. My son was only 2 when he started at the school and as expected, it took him a little time getting used to the new school and having so many kids around him. But Ms Sylvia would always be there to comfort him or distract him when I was leaving (she did that again this morning when he didn’t want me to leave…normally his dad drops him off). Ms Sylvia has also been very open to discussions about my son in general and how he interacts with the other kids. He recently went through a phase where he didn’t want to go to school and said the other kids were mean to him. I spoke to Ms Sylvia and together we are teaching him to use his words, say “no thank you” to anyone being mean and talk to the teachers when something like this happen. I was very happy that Ms Sylvia was so open to talk to about this and took my concerns seriously. There has been some turnover of teachers but the kids or I haven’t really been affected by this much as the main teachers have been the same and have kept the same standard and consistency even if one of the other teachers changed. All in all, I hightly recommend this preschools based on my experience in room 3 and 7. And my oldest son (and I) will be sad when he will be going to a public elementary school for kindergarten this summer. Star Karin L. – Fremont, CA Bottom line: If you want a full-service, professionally-run preschool for your child at a reasonable cost, I would highly recommend this school. If you want more details: Our older child did her pre-K year at this school, and my twin sons have been here since they were 23 months old; they are now 3 1/2. When my daughter started here, the school had only opened a month or two earlier(in the Niles location), so I can truly say our family has watched the school evolve. It is not the cheapest preschool available, but the prices are competitive, and in this case, I believe you get what you pay for. Most importantly, the current teachers and staff are all good to excellent. Many of them, like Ms. Claudia, Ms. Mylynh, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Silvia, Ms. Erica, Ms. Viki, Ms. Jodi, and even Ms. Sara, the main receptionist, seem born to work with young children. You can see that they truly love what they do. Although this is a Montessori school, I could not care less about whether a teacher uses Montessori vs. other methods; I do care whether they love working with children. My children have also learned counting, literacy, art and other skills appropriate to their age levels. (I teach college-level courses, so I certainly value education.) I agree that the class sizes are large, but ALL preschools of this size have large classes. I saw comparable class sizes when I visited other large preschools like Kindercare. I have never felt that my children were being neglected or overlooked due to the class sizes at Learn and Play. The teachers also seem to have a good handle on discipline. Frankly, if you don’t want your kids in a large preschool class (as one reviewer is complaining about), then I don’t know why you’d send them to a large school. Every school will not be the perfect fit for every child. Our daughter, although she ended up enjoying her time at Learn and Play, had a difficult time transitioning from her previous, very small Christian preschool in our prior neighborhood. However, for our highly active boys, a large, vibrant campus has been a great fit from the beginning. A couple of reviewers noted problems with high staff turnover. I will admit that at one point, my husband and I were also very concerned about this with regard to one of our son’s classrooms. However, we were so happy with our other son’s teachers, Ms. Claudia in particular, that we decided to stick it out. That was about a year ago, I believe. There seems to have been very little staff change since then, so whatever the owners or management may have been doing wrong with regard to staff at one time, they appear to have resolved that issue. The head teachers in the Infants class, led by the warm and loving Ms. Viki, have been there since before our sons started at the school, as has the superb teacher Ms. Claudia, who until recently was teaching one of our boys until he was promoted to Ms. Ashley’s class. Other positives are that the school is clean and well-maintained. Lunch and snacks are included in tuition. There is always at least one receptionist at the front desk to answer questions, and all of the receptionists are extremely friendly and helpful, Ms. Sara in particular. (Ms. Sara has often helped me walk my boys to my car–a huge help since my guys are the type to run into a busy parking lot without looking where they’re going!) I have never once seen her be anything other than cheerful and upbeat. There is a full-time Director, as well, Ms. Aurelia, who is also unfailingly smiling and courteous. (She too has frequently offered to help me take my kids to our car.) Ms. Kiran, who owns the school with her husband, is on campus nearly every day and is very much hands-on. The security is good; visitors must ring a bell to be buzzed in, and the receptionists can see whomever is at the door through a large security window. Nowadays, unfortunately, I believe this is a necessity all schools should offer. I do have some criticisms: I think the school could offer a variety of healthier snacks; there seem to be a lot of crackers, pretzels, and occasionally animal cookies on offer. The parking lot is very busy during peak hours (worse in the evening than in the morning), and some of the parents are not as cautious as they should be. (However, the school has emailed numerous announcements reminding parents to be careful, which seems to have helped.) I mention these minor issues as well as the prior problems the school has had with staff because I write honest reviews and do not want this to come off as a paid ad for Learn and Play! However, overall I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a full-service preschool where your child will be safe and secure with caring teachers and staff and learn a lot too. Star Danielle M. – Fremont, CA My son attended Learn and Play Montessori for two years and he loved it there! The teachers were very friendly and caring. The school is a good blend of Montessori learning materials (hands-on), learning worksheets and play time together with the other children! My son begins elementary school next year and he is EXTREMELY PREPARED FOR KINDERGARTEN!! The teachers love parent volunteers and encourage parental input and scheduled classroom observation days. We were especially pleased with his time in Room 2 with Ms. Rhea! The snacks and lunches are healthy & tasty, and my son ate them without complaint. The facilities are very clean and well-kept. We used the “extended care” option (8:30-2:30) but the school also has an option to stay late for an hourly fee if there is space in the classroom. This flexibility was very handy if my daily activities ran late! The playground is VERY SHADY so I never had to worry about sun exposure. Star Sara N. – Fremont, CA PROS: Learn & Play Montessori School provides a challenging “Montessori Style” curriculum in a warm & cheerful, clean and safe environment. Teachers seem happy overall with low turnover. Kids are genuinely happy and have a strong relationship with their teachers. They spend a lot of their time playing and working with materials or other kids; they don’t wander aimlessly and aren’t expected to stay quiet for long periods of time. CONS: Not really a big con, but some of the parents during drop-off drive like maniacs that must have their jobs on the line or something since they drive so aggressively. Be sure to keep your children close during peak times. I’ve personally almost been hit a couple of times. My son is currently 4.5 years-old and has been going to LAPMS on Niles in Fremont for the past 7 months. We’ve been extremely happy with the school, staff, teachers and his progression. He’s blossomed so much since attending LAPMS. We’re constantly amazed at home with the new things he picks up from school. Ms. Sanju, Ms. Sangeetha and Ms. Pratima take a lot of pride in their students. They are extremely friendly, genuinely caring and always encouraging to all of their students. No child is left behind. They respect that children’s different backgrounds mean that they all learn differently. I’ve seen how much my son has tremendously grown since being at LAPMS and he has gained a newly found confidence within himself, thanks to Ms. Sanju’s team. Also, I appreciate that many of the students’ parents are proactive and very involved. There is truly a partnership with the parents and teachers that is an important foundation for our children’s success. Most importantly, not only is my child academically and socially growing, but he looks forward to going to school. Star Glenn G. – San Francisco, CA A little over a year since my daughter started at Learn and Play, I am amazed with the performance she has presented. The montessori method is truly developing her in all aspects such as math, art, geography, culture, language and social skills. Kids in the same class room show tremendous talent and courtesy every time when I walk into the room. Ms. Sanju, Sangeetha, Sree and Pratima have shown patience in developing my daughter and provided honest feedback about her emotional weakness. My daughter loves going to school every day. I believe that it is the most important thing for a young one to love what she is doing. The result is positive and we have decided to let her stay for kindergarten to embrace the montessori method one more year. Star CL C. – Fremont, CA My daughter started when she was 3 and it was a great learning experience for her in this school. The entire staff is very experienced and take care of the kids very well. Overall a very good environment for the little kids to learn new things. Star Kalmadeep S. – Fremont, CA My daughter has been going to this school for more than a year now (in pre-school). She is in room # 3. We were introduced to this school by one of our friend. We feel great to have found this school. This school is very good, staff is very helpful and teachers are great (can speak for room # 3 as my daughter goes in that). Special thanks to Ms Sanju, Ms Sangita, Ms Pratima, Ms Sri and Ms Alice. The teaching methodologies are good and my daughter has learned a lot in past one year (she is correcting me in some cases :)). I have seen great improvements in counting, letters, small words, art (she loves painting and drawing), social culture and many other areas. Another big difference we have seen is the manners and well-behave stuff my kiddo has learned! Its very important to know that kids will be well treated, educated and taken care of specially when they are very young. Thanks for taking care of kids nicely. Star Laxmikant S. – San Jose, CA My son went to this pre-school for about 2 years and we had many great experiences and memories. To start off: Ms. Kiran was always there to listen and lend support. I would be lying if I said that everything about Learn and Play was perfect but I have not found any child care facility to be a perfect fit, in every way, for all parents. It’s never going to be like my home but this one is as close as it could be. Fitting well in a daycare or school depends upon how resilient your own kid is and what you expect from a daycare or pre-school. The whole idea of putting my kid into a Montessori was holistic development and not making the “study” part overwhelming for him and Learn and Play sure did that. It was fun–a nice way to bring my kid out of his shell. This school helped with that–my kindergartner talks about water cycle, fossils, and even surface tension. He possess natural curiosity and is good with numbers, music and multiple languages…however, he also has gross and fine motor skill problems and was supported by many Learn and Play teachers who identified his challenges early. He started off with Ms. Claudia and Ms. Elijah (who later left but was replaced by an equally friendly teacher– Ms. Myelin). When he graduated from that class, he did not fit well in the next class and immediately we got in touch with Ms. Kiran about his challenges in the new environment. She agreed with us and moved him with Ms. Sanju, Ms. Chetana and Ms. Jessica (all wonderful ladies). After a while our kid also moved into the local school’s kindergarten and we left. Although I was actively involved with my kids adjustments at school, when it comes to his learning I am aware that his fine motor skills are not as great and I am supportive of the teachers who patiently worked with him but could not accomplish much–it can happen. I am not a neurotic parent who would want her child to get a Ph.D. while he is still in school :)) (if you know what I mean –being in the Valley and all that). Lastly, Ms. Sara is the sweetest person when it comes to communicating on daily basis with parents. The informal, loving, highly personalized and yet slightly laid-back atmosphere was right for us. I am sure that it may not be the best fit for all. Star Sonja G. – Fremont, CA I hope this review settles some anxious parents, as i was 1.5 year back. I started my search in practically every possible Montessori/child care centre around and must have visited at least 6 to 8 of them. I was looking for a good social, safe, hygienic, aptly academic and structured curriculum based school. I decided to send my child to Learn and Play Montessori, and i am convinced on my decision every time i go there. People have mentioned various unexpected and negative situations here but i strongly feel based on mine and many other parents’ experiences, one has to be realistic in the expectations you set out for the school staff. The real world is much different than what you think. Hard working teachers, planned schedule for every class,regular updates on childs progress, clean environment, fresh cooked food, cooperative/ready to listen staff is what this school comes with, what more would you want for. Although i might be missing a lot of many things here which might be important in terms of your own kid but i would suggest, its worth to make a tour to the school and evaluate. Highly Recommend it, no other school would have taken as much care. Star Rock B. – Hayward, CA My daughters have been attending L&PM since September 2012. My eldest is in class 5 and Mr. Ian & Ms. Rhea are exceptional. They know and understand the children very well and Ms. Rhea shows a great understanding of the Montessori methods and philosophies. There are 4 members of staff in the class which means that no child is left behind. My younger daughter is in Class 2 and we couldn’t be happier with her team of teachers. Ms. Erica is an exceptional head teacher and Ms. Karen and Ms. Diljeet are patient and understanding with both the children and parents. The school is always clean and orderly. Ms. Sara, at reception, is wonderful with a really cheerful disposition. Ms. Aurelia is the curriculum director and makes it her priority to meet with parents and listen to any feedback or concerns they may have. Ms. Kiran, the school director, is excellent and always present on site, she is very approachable and with small children of her own she completely understands every parents needs and wants for their own child. It can often be a tough decision to make on what school to place your child in. We are very fortunate that L&PM Niles has worked out so well for us. Our girls are happy, they learn a lot and most importantly they have fun and come home with huge grins ready to tell me all about their day. I would most certainly recommend L&PM in Niles to any prospective families looking for a safe and nurturing environment for their children. Star Syma L. – Fremont, CA My daughter started going to this school when she was over 2 years.We had absolutely no time to research for preschools as we had a newborn to take care of and then our daughter refused to go to her home based daycare.Luckily there was no wait and she got in with one of her best buddy.As a parent,i was really paranoid for the first week as your kid is exposed to so many kids and so many new changes at the same time but she got used to the environment soon.All our concerns were listened to and we had a timely response from school director Miss Kiran and all the class teachers.The teachers are really friendly (Miss Sylvia, Miss Vicki, Miss Patricia- Room 7) and my daughter just love going to the school because of them.I couldn’t have asked for a better environment for my daughter’s first school – Thank you LAPMS . Star Sucheta S. – Fremont, CA My name is Mahesh and my twins are here in this play school since a year. They like the school. We personally like the environment here and the levels of commitment of the teachers is high. We have been to couple of schools earlier but we didn’t like the cramped schools. The play area here is good and I personally recommend this school. Star Mahesh N. – Union City, CA My son has been at LAPMS for almost a year now, and I’ve been absolutely amazed with his progress. When he first started, he was in Room 8, which was absolutely fabulous. He started potty training a bit late, but they were unbelievably patient with him and he got through it way faster than we all expected. After that he was moved to Room 6, and he’s still there. The teachers (Ms. Sree, Ms, Ayesha, Ms. Ana) are the best. My son is almost always excited to be going to school, and is always smiling when I pick him up. On the days he does have trouble going to school, the teachers are very patient and understanding with him, and help him get through the morning. All of the teachers and Ms. Aurelia (the principal) are very good about keeping in touch with the parents and letting me know how my son is doing. I always feel comfortable asking them questions when I’m picking him up or dropping him off, and they always make time to meet with me if I have a concern about how he’s doing in class. All the teachers are extremely patient and loving with all the children and I’ve always been amazed with how well-run the school is. Plus, it’s a legitimate Montessori school. (There’s several centers lately that use the name Montessori without actually being an accredited Montessori school.) All in all, I would highly recommend sending your child here. My son absolutely loves it here, and I’m going to miss LAPMS when he starts Kindergarten next year. Star Laurissa C. – Fremont, CA My daughter has attended the Niles Campus for over 1 year now. The teachers are very friendly and loving. Their academics are respectable while letting the children have fun. My daughter is not even 4 years old and she is able to count to 100, knows all the alphabets, able to write her name and color pictures inside the lines. I especially appreciated her teachers encouraging her to become more socializing. It’s amazing to see my daughter enjoys to read and write over watching TV or playing with ipad. Star Tiffany S. – Fremont, CA Goodbye L&PM Niles! It has been a wonderful 2 years and in a short span of time you made us quickly feel like family. There are too many exceptional teachers to name all of them but a huge thank you to Ms Aurelia, Ms Rhea, Ms Maliha, Ms Erica, Ms Silvia, Ms Kiran, Mr Ian, Ms Lupe, Ms Dhillon, Ms, Karen, Ms Diljeet, Ms Christina….the list is endless really. You all have a wonderful cheery disposition and each one of you has taken interest in making my children’s pre-school life pleasant, enjoyable, safe and interesting. We will miss you all and wish everyone the very best in the future. You have truly filled our buckets for life…..the most amazing bucket fillers are in this school 🙂 Star Syma L. – Fremont, CA (Updated Review) I still remember the day we took a tour with Ms Aurelia, Principal of the school, and we both were deeply impressed by her mannerism and her evident involvement in making the school a place to nurture the students so that they blossom. As a first time mom returning to the workplace, I was terrified and hysterical to leave Sharvi with people I do not know and I have called LAPM to check on Sharvi constantly. I never once got a negative reaction from anyone. The facility is extremely clean and organized, there is always something fun and exciting planned for the children, the lesson plan is carried out as outlined on the monthly schedule so that the parents can interact and contribute with their child’s learning and there is structure for the child and constant communication with the parents that keeps both parents and teachers on the same page. The focus on social skills, learning through play, letter recognition, numbers, music and art, is an ideal setting that builds a foundation for self-motivation, socialization. Shavi feel appreciated, validated, and nurtured both mentally and emotionally. I am still surprised at how each and every teacher in this school knew Sharvi and had a personal relationship with her, whether they were teaching in her class or not. Each staff member is always helpful, respectful and pleasant. LAPM is bright, happy and filled with total caring and love for children. I am eternally grateful to find this place as a first school for my daughter. Star Kavita D. – Union City, CA We have been sending our twin boys to LAPMS for the last 2 years. We have had a very positive experience to date. The administrative stuff (fees, signing in etc.) is pretty streamlined, the classroom settings are bright, neat and attractive to children, the teachers and staff are always professional and approachable. One key distinguishing feature between this school and other Montessori schools we saw is the setting – it is in a quiet residential neighborhood, the playground and outdoor spaces are huge compared to some other schools and in short it looks and feels like a school. Several other places we saw were located in strip malls next to commercial establishments which we did not like as much. The only reason we have given it 4 instead of 5 stars is because for the first 3 months after our sons started here, there was quite a significant turnover of staff as some other reviewer has noted. However that issue has not recurred over the last 1.5 years and I think the school has been successful in recruiting and retaining a core set of competent teachers. Star Bala S – Union City, CA This is a great school with great landscape and room for kids to play. Teachers are understanding and knowledgeable and they take immense interest in the childs growth. My child has now moved on to the next level and was also potty-trained at this school. I have noticed my childs vocabulary grow at a very fast pace. No complaints… i am a happy mom and my son is very happy attending this school too. Star Roofus M. – Newark, CA My son went to this pre-school for almost a year. We are incredibly sad to have needed to left mostly because he absolutely adored his teachers. We started at 2 yrs old in Room 8 and from day 1 Ms. Claudia, Ms. Jodie and Ms. Mylynn have been the most attentive, supportive, enriching teachers. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of teachers for my son’s first experience of school. The front office personnel are also truly amazing. Ms. Sarah and Ms. Christina were always so helpful and just a pleasure to see each and every day. They always greeted us with a smile and made us feel like part of the family. We are sad to leave this school. There is a special place in our heart for everyone we really got to know during our time here. Not to be left out is the head of school, Ms. Kiran. When we had an issue, she worked to resolve things with us quickly. She definitely makes an effort to know all the children at the school and acknowledge all of the parents as well. I also loved the fact that they offer additional programs for the children, including soccer, tumbling/gymnastics, etc. My only complaint is the fact that other parents seem to be pretty inconsiderate about sending sick children to school when they should keep them home. This isn’t anything against the school. Thank you Learn & Play Niles! We will always remember you fondly and miss you so much already! Star Shi E – Fremont, CA I am a single parent and proud papa of two girls aged 3 and 5 and they have been attending school since August-2012. They were originally going to a home based daycare earlier and the transformation over the last couple of years has been fantastic ever since they started going to Learn & Plan at Niles. Both the kids have developed very advanced social skills and keep coming home with artwork and nursery rhymes that make daddy proud. Kudos goes to the teachers, Ms. Sylvia, Mr. Ian & Ms. Rhea, Ms Victoria, Ms. Maleeha & Ms. Radhika and many more teachers whose names I forget. The Director, Ms. Aurelia does put They have put in a lot of effort in helping develop my children and I could not be happier. The administration is well handled by Ms. Kiran and Ms. Christina. They have quite a few school events and shows which the children participate in. Teaching and managing little children is a hard and often unappreciated job and just wanted to provide a shout out to all the teachers at Learn & Play. Star Jai B. – Fremont, CA My son has been attending Learn and Play – Niles for almost a year now. It took a while to have him feel and be “settled in” with the right class, but Ms. Aurelia and Ms. Christina were nothing but absolutely wonderful and supportive through out the process. Ms. Aurelia always listened intently to my initial concerns and in a true team fashion we made adjustments, had several discussions and adjusted again so that my son could finally be in a class where he felt he could really “Learn and Play”. All of his teachers were very supportive as well – especially his current teachers, Mrs. Sanju, Mrs. Pratima and Mrs. Alex – they are all extremely caring and loving and have the level of patience and passion required to be called a teacher. The best part is that my son surprises me often with the knowledge he is gaining from attending that school. Overall – you get what you put in as a parent… Not any one school is perfect, but if you can find the type of school that has staff that is open to improving and making sure that the kids and parents are happy – that to me personally is the most important key, and Learn and Play Montessori Niles has that. Their curriculum is impressive and they also offer kids extracurricular activities through “Tuff” which is invaluable to me as well. I have no doubt that my son will be fully prepared for Kindergarten. Star Nely M. – Fremont, CA This review is for Learn and Play Montessori Niles location… My 3 yrs old son started in September … So far he enjoys going to school every day, actually he loves it a little too much. He can’t wait to go to school every morning which means a lot to me. Personally I didn’t think he would adjust to the environment so quickly. It is refreshing to see him so excited waking up and heading off for another day at L&PM. My 2 yrs old daughter is not attending the school yet. But she also loves the environment and refuses to leave with me after dropping off her brother to school. She says bye to the teachers and other children in the class is never ending. Room 8 teachers are very informative if you have any question feel free to ask. It is a loving, caring and nurturing environment. Kids are engaged in activities. Area are clean and well-kept and they tracks individual progresses. Thank you… Ms. Claudia, Ms. Alex, Ms. Vicky, Ms. Kristine & Ms. Tam for taking excellent care of my son. A special thank you to Ms. Vicky for getting my son to nap at times. We love the directors Ms. Karen & Ms. Christina they are very friendly, helpful and always greet you with a beautiful smile anytime of the day. They are also very involved with the children and family. Staffs are wonderful as well. They are very nice and friendly, front desk Ms. Kim and Ms. April are very helpful. The school… Nice facility with friendly directors, teachers and staff’s, clean and wonderful learning environment. The curriculum is excellent, a lot of hands on, weekly art & music activities. Each child can choose to work in their own areas of interest. Best of all they are very on top of very child’s need and abilities. Families from all different backgrounds come together at Learn and Play Montessori on Niles where their children can learn to be caring and responsible. Very nice, clean and wonderful learning environment also great location… Star P O.-Union City, CA Our experience with the Niles campus began in April of 2013 till October of 2013. We had our daughter, Maddy, in the program for awhile, but due to some circumstances out of our control, she left in October of 2013. We were really upset, but at the time, it was just not working out. Fast forward to September 2014, after a small stint at another preschool program, we came to our senses, and came back to Learn and Play. They greeted us back with open arms, and were so excited to have Maddy come back to the program. Maddy is currently enrolled in Rm. 9, and she LOVES it! The staff is very nice, accommodating, and helpful. It is truly an “open door” policy at the school, which Jeoff and I really, really appreciate. It’s nice to be able to talk to staff and teachers, at really anytime. Of course, if you need more in depth conversations, you should probably make an appointment. 🙂 They have been phenomenal with Maddy’s potty training as well! Her vocabulary/sentence structure is exploding and expanding by the minute. Honestly, we have no complaints about this campus. Thank you L&P!!!! Star Sue Ann D. – Fremont, CA Disclaimer: First I would like to say that I had visited other Montesorri’s in the area and decided that this school was best for MY daughter. This is the first time I have ever put my daughter through the day care system and being a first time parent “AKA The Worry Bug” I understand that the things I observed at the this and other schools were just a MOMENT IN TIME and do not in any way represent how the school conducts business every day. I do not work for the school district. My review is real. Ms. Kim and Ms. April at the front desk are very accommodating. The Director, Ms. Aurelia spent a good he answering my questions and did most of the talking. She gave me a tour more than once. You can tell she is well loved and respected and that she cares for the students. She is hands on and wears MANY hats from working the front desk, lending a hand in the classrooms, checking in on each room. (I have seen this during the morning drop offs). My daughter and I checked out many schools in the area (read my reviews) and we ended up putting my 20 mo old in their toddler class (18-30mo). How I knew it was the school for my baby? She actually let go of me and walked around the campus and classroom. She seemed interested. I stopped by 3 different times of the day and loved seeing the teachers and students interactions. Ms. Tam is my daughters favorite teacher aid. Ms. Shree, Ms. Monica, Ms. Lien – all are very friendly and treat my daughter with such tender care. During her adjustment weeks, my baby would let go of me and run off to the teachers. I watched each one hold her while she’d cry, and when I picked her up, sometimes they would still be holding her. Other times, she would be walking around with an extra snack. My daughter has learned so much in her short time there. Talking a lot too! We are so impressed and happy she is attending this school. Star Michelle H. – San Jose, CA

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