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Montessori Pleasant Hill California Preschools Stand Out for STEM Preparation

Pleasant Hill, California, residents searching for a top-tier preschool don’t have to look far. Our Pleasant Hill campus is situated right in the neighborhood! Located at 1898 Pleasant Hill Road, our best-in-class preschool could be a short walk or bike ride from your home. Our staff is friendly and trained. We excel at helping each child build confidence in their potential from a very early age.

When parents come to visit us, they are impressed with the educational techniques we apply from daycare throughout kindergarten. Small children learn through play, and we ensure our clean, colorful classrooms have plenty of supplies and activities to inspire them. Our program weaves several subjects that may not be available in other more “basic” preschools. For instance, a robust STEM curriculum, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is a standard for daily activities.

The sciences are considered a “hot career” for the future, and Bay Area parents appreciate their little ones having early exposure to STEM fundamentals. Does this mean we put toddlers in mini lab coats and instruct them to sit still at a table while crunching numbers? No! Although that would be a pretty cute snapshot! Our teachers help children discover basic scientific concepts appropriate for their age. We know that the foundation of success at STEM is a foundation for life-long learning.

STEM Learning Is Life Learning!

Science isn’t just left to a laboratory and data (although that is a part of it); it’s everywhere. It’s in art, nature, the food we eat, and in our own bodies. Our teachers share this essential awareness to connect young children to the world and their individual potential. Although we have a varied curriculum, many topics crossover. Classroom art lessons are considered a fun, creative opportunity. Yet they show activities such as playing with clay allow a child to experience how shapes are formed and remade. Through song and dance, boys and girls can explore the many ways their body moves. Lifecycles can be recognized early on too. We take our little students out on nature walks where they may notice the connection between the animals, plants, and the sun.

The future needs more “creative thinkers” in the STEM fields. Silicon Valley is partially successful because of science professionals who are creative problem-solvers. Parents who are ready to provide their child with an above-average childcare experience can find one of the best Pleasant Hill, California preschools right in the neighborhood!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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