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October Blog

Dear LAPMS Parents and Families,
Our warmest greetings to all of you!  We are happy to welcome our parents and families to our second month of the new academic year.  There are two wonderful events happening this month.
On Thursday, October 29th is the Pumpkin Patch Day!  Children will pick their pumpkins with their class from the grass field area by the flagpole.  The Pumpkin Patch schedule for each class is in your child’s classroom.   If you wish your child to participate in the Pumpkin Patch, the cost of one pumpkin is $3.00.  Please pay in cash to your child’s teacher on or before Friday, October 16th
On Friday, October 30th is the Halloween Parade.  Children will parade one classroom at a time around the paved area of the courtyard.  The order of the parade is in your child’s classroom.  Children are looking forward to dressing up for the parade!  Costumes must have a positive theme.  Costumes that are offensive, scary, or depict violence and inappropriate images will NOT be allowed.  Children may NOT bring toy weapons such as knives and swords.  Masks may only be worn for the parade, and must not obstruct the child’s vision.
Halloween gift items to celebrate the spirit of Halloween:  Parents may bring gift items (educational items only) to share to your child’s classroom on Friday, October 30th to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.  Stickers, mini-notebooks, and erasers are some examples of gift items to share.
Gift items or goody bags must NOT include candy, gum or any type of food which contains nuts or eggs. 
Gift items are accepted in your child’s classroom starting Monday, October 5th.  Please turn in any gift items or goody bags to your child’s teacher.
We appreciate all your support and generosity in guaranteeing the success of these events.


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