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Dive into Summer Fun: Exploring Marine Biology in Our Summer Program

Our Summer 2023 program is centered around marine biology, and we have something to offer for everyone! Whether your child is a toddler just starting daycare, or a kindergartener looking to begin their journey into learning about the world’s oceans, our exciting curriculums can provide an unforgettable experience.

For toddlers and preschool-aged children, our program focuses on introducing them to the basics of ocean life. Children will learn all about the underwater world through fun activities and the manipulation of powerful materials.

kindergarteners will be challenged with more complex topics on marine biology. Our goal is to help students develop a comprehensive education for the environment.

After School and Summer Programs in Fremont, California and environs

What can the children learn?

During this two-month program, our children will learn how to save the ocean environment, fish, starfish, sea horses, sea turtles, jellyfish, octopus, squids, wakes, sharks, dolphins, lobster, crabs, shrimp, and marine plants.

What else besides learning?

The summer program also includes fun activities:

  • Monday/ bubble play
  • Tuesday/ sports day
  • Wednesday/ water play
  • Thursday/ chalk day
  • Friday/ hoops and ropes.

By engaging in immersive learning experiences, hands-on activities, outdoor fun, and creative expression, children develop a deep appreciation for marine life, environmental awareness, and a sense of responsibility towards our oceans. These programs not only foster a love for the natural world but also nurture curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, and social skills, laying a foundation for a lifetime of environmental stewardship. So, let your little ones dive into summer fun and explore the amazing world of marine biology!

Learn And Play Montessori Schools offer The Summer Program at all our locations: Centerville Fremont, Irvington Fremont, South Fremont, Niles Fremont, Maple Fremont, Dublin California, Danville California, Pleasant Hill California.

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