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The Montessori Method of Schooling Lets Children Learn at Their Own Pace

One of the beauties of the Montessori method of teaching and learning is that it treats every child as an individual. If you think about it, this is logical, because each child is just that: an individual.Treating each child individually with the Montessori method.

As individuals, children develop their own habits, and when they start to learn things, they will learn at different rates. Some children are quick learners while others take their time. Some may be very slow learners. For this reason, there is no great benefit in having every child trying to learn the same thing at the same time. If you sit a whole class down and start with “one and one are two, two and two are four” and so on, some children will catch on very quickly, while others may be baffled. That doesn’t mean that one child is brilliant while another is intellectually challenged. It simply is the fact that children learn at different speeds.

This is why, as a Montessori preschool, at Learn And Play Montessori (the clue is in our name!) we follow the method strictly. So, the classrooms in our campuses are all packed with top-quality Montessori materials and each child can roam the room looking around until he finds something which catches his or her interest. Then they can take the materials away and play with them, explore them, find out what they are or what they do, and there is absolutely no rush. They can take as long as they like.

Our teachers watch what the children are doing and when they seem ready will introduce them to some further materials. This means that at our Montessori preschool, every child is also learning about something that he or she finds interesting. Because they find it interesting, they want to learn more, and so they quickly learn to love learning for the sake of learning. This is so very different from sitting in a class listening to a teacher talking about something which they may find interesting, but then again could bore them to tears!

No Rush To Be The “Best”

Furthermore, because there is no rush, and because each child is exploring something different anyway, there is no element of competition. There is no point where one child will be the “best”, and more importantly, no situation where another child feels awkward or ill at ease because he or she didn’t come “first” but came “last”.

This is just one of the reasons why our Montessori preschool is loved by so many parents and the children themselves. At Learn And Play Montessori, we are always happy to welcome any parents for a school tour so that you can learn more and see how well our children are doing.

Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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