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Montessori Is the #1 Method for Preschool Learning

Think back, if you can, to when you were at school. Yes, it may be many years ago, but did you ENJOY learning? Montessori method of preschool learning.Did you learn about things that interested you, or did you actually have to learn a lot of “stuff” which was boring and, furthermore, that you have never used since leaving school?

If you are like most people you may say that you have mixed feelings. Maybe you enjoyed some subjects, but maybe others bored you stiff – yet you still had to learn them and even pass exams in them, even though you have never used them since and probably never will. How often do you use algebra every day?? PI = XR2?? Or something. Yeah, right!

So in a nutshell, you learned a lot of things that you had to learn which you will never use.

How much better would it be if you learned about things that interested you and you wanted to learn about, and that you would go on to use? Suppose you could actually CHOOSE what to learn about?

This is one of the chief advantages of the Montessori method because our pre-schoolers choose what they want to learn about themselves. We have six Montessori preschools in the Bay Area at Learn And Play Montessori (locations in Fremont, Dublin, and Danville, California) and each of them has large bright classrooms packed to the brim with all sorts of different Montessori materials.

There are many other advantages of the Montessori method, but the most basic is that the child chooses for him or herself. Children are free to roam the classroom looking at all the different materials until they find something which catches their interest. When they do, they can pick it up, take it away, sit down, play with it, find out what it does, and find out how it works.

Our Children Learn Because They WANT To

So from the very word “go” our children are learning about things because they WANT to learn about them, and this has the effect of instilling a lifelong love of learning for the sake of learning. They can explore to their heart’s content and, of course, it means that they will find out everything that they can about whatever they have chosen.

Maybe you have come to love gardening, for instance, but you didn’t take it up until you were 25. Sure, you may be enjoying it now, but there is a long road ahead to learn everything that you need to know. How much better would it have been if you had started to learn about it at an early age?

This is one of the big advantages of the Montessori method: it instills a lifelong love of learning in our preschool children. If you live or work in Fremont, Dublin, or Danville, please reach out to our helpful staff today for a “preschool tour.” It will bring back memories!

Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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