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CPR Certified Teachers At Learn And Play Montessori Schools

At Learn And Play Montessori Schools, we encourage our teachers to be CPR trained and certified. (CPR, of course, stands for “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation”). Our teachers participated in Saturday trainings and our goal is to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors.

CPR certified Montessori instructors for preschool, daycare, and childcare in Fremont, Dublin, and Danville, California.

What are the benefits and importance of having CPR certified teachers in preschool, kindergarten, and childcare?

  • CPR certified teachers possess the knowledge and skills necessary to respond promptly and effectively during emergencies.
  • The presence of CPR certified teachers provides reassurance to parents and guardians, knowing that their children are in the care of trained professionals capable of handling emergency situations.
  • CPR certified teachers can provide immediate intervention.
  • Certified teachers can share their knowledge with colleagues, parents, and students, creating a culture of safety within the preschool environment.
  • CPR certification enhances the professional development of teachers, highlighting their commitment to maintaining a safe learning environment.Having CPR certified teachers in preschools is highly beneficial and important. Their presence ensures immediate and appropriate responses in emergency situations, promotes safety awareness and prevention, and enhances the overall well-being and security of both children and the school community.



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