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Prepare Your Child for Success with a Montessori Preschool in Danville

The key to success in anything is preparation. Nobody would really argue with that. If you want to win a marathon, you would prepare for weeks and months on end. Possibly for years on end if you were aiming for the Olympics.Preparation is the undoubted key to success in anything in life.

So it goes with anything in life. Do you want your child to go to Harvard? To UC Berkeley? Well it starts with PREparation and PREschool. To get the best start in life your child needs just that – the best start. And that means from the age of two – not five or six, but very early on. If you want your child to be a success, he or she needs the very best education that money can buy, and that means Montessori.

Dublin Preschool Options

There are several Dublin preschools, but not all of them follow the Montessori principles. In fact, of all the Dublin preschools only a handful work on the Montessori principles. However, we believe that is simply the very best way for a child to learn, because, using the Montessori method, the children very quickly come to understand that learning can be fun. And when something is fun they want to do more of it. That goes for all of us. When we find something that we find fun, whether it is swimming, playing basketball, knitting, walking in the countryside, cooking, drinking coffee, or one of a myriad of other possibilities, we simply want to do more of it. Because it is enjoyable.

Remember Your Own Childhood; Was Learning Fun?

Hark back to your own childhood. Did you find learning fun? Or did you learn because you were told you had to learn? How were you at math? OK, maybe you did find math fun. What about history? Physics? Latin? Chemistry? English?

There were probably quite a few things that you didn’t find in the least bit fun, but you were forced to learn them anyway.

The Montessori Method for Preschools

The Montessori method is different because it allows a child to explore things that he finds fun. We allow the child to choose what interests him from a whole range of materials and possibilities. So he quickly comes to understand that learning more about something is fun. Once he finds learning is fun, he will want to learn about all sorts of other things too. It is the actual process of learning, of discovery, that becomes fun, so a child will want to learn about all sorts of subjects that in the traditional methods of teaching he may well have found boring.

So if you are considering Dublin preschools make sure you consider Montessori. Here at Learn And Play Montessori we welcome parents dropping in at any time to see just how well-adjusted and happy our children are.

Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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