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Parking Lot Safety!

Dear LAPMS-Niles Parents,

In an effort to keep our parking lot safe and efficient we would like to encourage everyone to please be extra cautious and courteous to other drivers when parking, backing up, etc. Also, please be aware that we have children and pedestrians passing through so please try to maintain a slow speed when driving through the parking lot. We would like to kindly ask all parents not to linger in the parking lot after picking up their child(ren) and to park within the lines due to the limited parking spaces.

Here are a few safety tips that drivers should observe when dropping children off at school and picking them up:
• Obey the speed limit and traffic rules
• Park in designated areas only. DO NOT PARK IN THE DISABLED PARKING SPOT, unless you have a disabled parking permit.
• Obey the school’s drop-off and pick up rules
• Be courteous to other drivers
• Remind students to look both ways in the parking lot, even though it is not a street.
• Please make sure that your child is by your side at all times in the parking lot. DO NOT allow children to run in the parking lot.
• Do not leave your older or younger children in the car without any adult supervision. Please bring them inside as you are picking up/dropping off your child.
• The parking lot closes promptly at 6:30 pm and for the safety of you and your child, please do not allow your child to run or play around in the parking lot
• Make sure to hold your child’s hand in the parking lot and drop off your child inside the classroom.

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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