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Learn & Play Montessori, the Leader in Online Preschool and Online Kindergarten Programs, Announces Program Options

September 22, 2020 – Fremont, California. Learn and Play Montessori, a best-in-class provider of online kindergarten and online preschool taught in an innovative, Montessori-inspired way, is proud to announce new program options. The new program options allow parents to choose what is right for their child, whether this is face-to-face preschool or kindergarten in Fremont, Danville, or Dublin, California, or whether it is online options taught the Montessori way.Learn And Play Montessori offers online kindergarten and online preschool “Our options for parents are expanding as we couple online kindergarten and online preschool programs with face-to-face programs,” explained Harpreet Grewal, director of Learn and Play Montessori. “We allow parents to choose from three options, which are a) face-to-face only here in the East Bay area, b) face-to-face and online or blended, which combines in person instruction with online program options, and c) online-only which offers best-in-class online preschool and online kindergarten taught via Montessori-inspired efforts.”

Persons interested in learning more about each option can visit the following links: (online Montessori program information), (online preschool), and (online kindergarten). Persons who want to know about in-person options can visit the website and then click into an individual school.  For example, persons who are interested in the Dublin California preschool and kindergarten options can visit In all cases, persons can reach out to the friendly staff for a discussion as to which options will be best for their child.


Here is background on this release. Many people mistakenly use the term “real world” for face-to-face learning, a misnomer which implies that online learning is not “real.” However, when best-in-class teachers work together to build a best-in-class curriculum, they can create excellent online kindergarten and online preschool options for children. Indeed, there is no one-size-fits-all methodology. Some children and parents need face-to-face programs for kindergarten and preschool in Fremont, Danville, and Dublin, California. Others need online-only options, because they might be in another state or be in a situation where they do not want their children potentially exposed to any viruses. And still others might want a blended option that combines face-to-face with online learning. In some situations, parents may want an online program or face-to-face program that is in a private Montessori school yet complements public free kindergarten or preschool. For this reason, Learn and Play assists parents and children with whatever their needs are. Interested persons are urged to visit the website and to sign up for the company’s YouTube and Facebook live streams.


Learn and Play Montessori ( aims to be one of the best Montessori schools in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Whether parents are looking for a Montessori School in Danville, a Blackhawk preschool, or a top-rated Montessori School in Dublin / San Ramon, Learn and Play has a campus for their child or children. Bay Area parents searching for Walnut Creek preschool options could find the right fit in Danville. All schools use the famed Montessori method, offering programs from childcare to daycare, preschool to kindergarten, in not only Danville, Fremont, Dublin, or San Ramon but also in nearby towns such as Alamo, Blackhawk, Diablo or San Ramon on the I-680 corridor as well as Walnut Creek.

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