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Finding Fremont Preschools that’s Near Me (Or Near You)

Fremont is a very large city with a population that is now approaching a quarter of a million people. It is also very long and narrow, so one of the major factors affecting your choice of Fremont preschool options for your child is to find one that is near to where you live in Fremont. There is another alternative, and that is to find one that is on your commute route.Fremont California Preschools

As luck would have it, Learn And Play Montessori has you covered. We have four preschools in Fremont, in Niles, Peralta, Maple, and Irvington, so wherever you live or wherever you work there is one of our Montessori Fremont preschool options available for you.

Our Niles campus has nine large classrooms and has a great outdoor playground with lots of trees for shade, and there is even a separate playground for the toddlers (we take children from two years to six here) to explore and have fun in the outside world. Your child is free to decide for himself what he would like to learn, and can select from the great range of Montessori materials that we have available. Our preschool children will also experience art, dance, music, movement, and we also start them off on their second language which is Spanish.


Our Peralta Fremont campus is another of your Fremont preschool options and is sited in Centerville. It is only minutes away from Newark and Highway 880. This campus has six classrooms packed with Montessori materials which are easily accessible on shelves and from which the child can choose for himself those things which interest him. This is one of the major benefits of the Montessori method: the child learns about things because he WANTS to learn about them, rather than having to learn about something that may be of no interest.


The Maple campus is also in Centerville and provides day care, child care, preschool, and kindergarten. Our teachers recognize that children learn by doing, rather than by sitting and listening, and our Maple campus is designed so that each child has easy access to a wealth of Montessori materials from which he can choose those of interest.


Irvington has eight large classrooms which are light and open, and also boasts a secluded paly area outdoors. Children are introduced to the wide range of Montessori materials and will learn math, phonics, poetry, song and dance, art, music, and a second language, which is Spanish and will be useful to them all the while they live in the Bay Area.

We welcome parents to come to any of our Fremont campuses and see for themselves how well the children are doing.

Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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