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STEM Education Begins Early in Our Montessori Schools

If you are looking at a Montessori program for your preschooler, you may already understand we are different from other early childcare programs. Our Bay Area pre-k schools are not just a place to keep your child while you are at work. In our schools, children do their “work” by learning through play and discovery. Preschool the Montessori Way

The Montessori Method supports children’s natural development. We guide them through their interests and help them explore their curiosity. The result? When they leave us and move on to the elementary years, they can do more than count to ten and write their name. Our students carry advanced skills for their age, including critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Our preschool curriculum is designed to help your child find success in school.

It’s no secret STEM is a booming field for both girls and boys. Silicon Valley is a hot spot for scientific breakthroughs. We speak to plenty of parents who have thriving science-based careers here. They are hopeful their child can find success and joy in the same field. The earlier young children are encouraged to explore various scientific areas, the better, right?

Outdoor Time and Curious Moments Create STEM Fundamentals

We provide plenty of fun indoor experiments like sink and float activities or playing with magnets. The field is much more diverse and spans beyond the physical sciences. Outdoor time is filled with opportunities to discover the life and earth sciences! Every bug a child points to is the beginning of a simple discussion. What color is the bug? Why is it in our garden? Why does it have wings…or not? Montessori teachers understand even a rock can be the beginning of a unique learning moment.

Our vegetable gardens and plants lead a child’s journey in botany. A story about frogs can spark a discussion around animal life cycles. And a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to experience changes in the weather.

A STEM education cannot start too early! The more your young student is connected to the world around them, the stronger the message; science is everywhere. Mixed with foundational scientific principles, your child could have an academic edge on other students in the future. Think about them applying for university, and even scholarships!

Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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