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Health and Safety at Niles

Dear LAPMS Families and Friends,

Happy Thursday!

Our highest and foremost priority is the health, safety, and security of children in our facility. We are proud to have parents who support us all the way in maintaining a healthy and safe school environment.

We need your help to take all preventative measures to ensure your child’s health and safety and that of all children attending our school. In order to maintain a healthy environment, children who have symptoms of any deviation from normal health must stay home. Children must be sent to school with a warm jacket, especially during cold and rainy winter days. If the child is brought to school with symptoms of any communicable illness, a doctor’s note must be provided. On Fridays, please ensure that your child’s beddings are taken home and washed, so that it is clean and ready for use the following week.

We schedule disaster drills monthly so that children could participate and be aware of what to do in case of emergency. In our playground when children hear the sound of the whistle, they learn to stop, look, and listen, and line up in an orderly manner after the second whistle.

Please update us with your contact information, telephone number, email address, authorized persons to pick up your child and other important information for emergency and security purposes.

We continuously strive to grow and improve in all facets of your child’s education. Thank you for speaking to us about your concerns and suggestions on how we meet our goals. Your feedback is important to us.
Have a wonderful day!

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Contact us today to learn about how Montessori can help your child succeed!
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