Hello September

Welcome to September! Where has the time gone? We are so excited to  start our new Academic Year. We have so many fun activities planned for our children. To start this month we are welcoming all of our parents to back to school night. This is a great opportunity to come and see what your child learns and ask any questions regarding the Montessori Curriculum. Its also an excellent time to meet your childs head teacher as well.  We are looking forward to the Academic School Year and the fun activities!  

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Hello August

Time sure is flying by. August is here and we are so excited! During the month of July, we continued learning about dinosaurs and transportation. We also had a lot of fun during our Water Play Day, Bubble Day and Ice Cream Day.  This month we are going to continue learning about Dinosaurs and Transportation. We are looking forward to Smoothie Day and having a bounce house. The school will be closed on August 29th and August 30th for an in-service meeting.  We are excited for August and can’t wait for all the fun activities that are coming up.  

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Summer Excitement @ Peralta

Summer is finally here and we here at LAPMS- Peralta couldn’t be more excited! So far we have learned a little about Dinosaurs and Transportation, and we will continue with the theme this summer. We also have some fun outdoor activities coming up such a Water Play Day and Ice Cream Day. We are looking forward to all of the fun in the sun!

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Exciting June

June is that month of the year where the Academic school year is coming to a close. For all of us (parents, children, and teachers) it has been a journey filled with joy, laughter, friendship, and growth, indeed. It’s the month of the year for new beginnings and bittersweet farewells. On Friday, June 3rd, our Pr-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten children will be graduating. Many other students are making the transition to different classrooms and meeting new friends. As the children traverse to the next chapter of their Montessori journey, they will continue to build and strengthen friendships and keep growing socially and [...]

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May Flowers @ Peralta

A swarm of bees in May Is worth a load of hay; A swarm of bees in June Is worth a silver spoon; A swarm of bees in July Is not worth a fly." -  Rhyme from England. Welcome to the month of May! This month we are looking forward to lots of fun things. To kick things off, we are treating all of our mommies to a breakfast on us. We want to thank our mommies for all the hard work that they do. We are also looking forward to our Parent/Teacher Conferences. We can’t forget our teachers! Our [...]

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Alameda County Public Health Department Awarded Learn And Play Montessori School For Outstanding Disease Protection for Child Care 2015-2016

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April Showers

“April Showers bring May Flowers!” As we begin the month of April, we hope we will all be able to enjoy warmer weather and many beautiful spring days. We begin our month by posing for spring pictures. All of our children will be taking pictures, including our Kindergartners, who will be taking their graduation pictures. In the month of April we are excited to learn about Europe, Pinnacles, Invertebrates and Botany! We end this month by giving our parents an opportunity to come and observe their child in their classroom. We also look forward to our International Potluck. We are [...]

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Egg Dyeing and Egg Hunt Activity.

This is a friendly reminder of our upcoming Easter Activities. Easter Egg Dyeing Activity The children will be dyeing the eggs prior to the Easter Egg Hunt Activity. Classroom 1, Classroom 2 and Classroom 3 will be dyeing their eggs on Thursday, March 24th  2016. Classroom 4, Classroom 5 and Classroom 6 will be dyeing their eggs on Friday, March 25th  2016. Easter Egg Hunt Activity – Friday, March 25th,2016 Our Easter Egg hunt will begin at 9:00. Each class will have 15 minutes to look for hidden eggs. The schedule is as follows: Classroom 1:  9:00 – 9:15        Classroom [...]

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Maria Montessori week

  To help celebrate the Montessori Week, we asked our parents to give us their precious thoughts and views on their children being at LAPMS. Some of the feedback that we got from our parents was truly inspiring! Here are a few words that our parents had to say about us... “Responsible, caring, high quality staff and excellent program, teachers not only do academics but also teach about ‘Life.’ I wish Learn and Play went all the way through Junior High!!!” “What can I say about My Favorite Preschool, which both of my Kids Attended? I simply love everything about [...]

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March Madness at LAPMS Peralta

March is a month of celebrations…. We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we invite our children to come to school wearing their favorite pajamas. And we also encourage them to bring their favorite books to share with their class. For St. Patrick’s Day, we will be wearing green (in spirit of Irish Luck) and the school will be serving Leprechaun Punch! We nourish not only the children’s minds, but also their spirit through fun activities like Egg Hunting in our play yard. Lastly, we cannot forget that, Daylight savings time [...]

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